The best consultants are great people. Inside and out.

We believe in recruitment karma. It is simple. You do good work, you look after people, and great things happen. We offer endless learning opportunities, and develop recruitment professionals that make a real impact on people’s lives.

We are looking for the next HorizonOne superstar to join our talented team. What’s it like? Ask our newest consultant Bri.


A GREAT RECRUITER is a broad and varied combination of many different capabilities, skills and traits. It is a powerful combination of the core elements of Science (methodology) and Craft (interpersonal qualities) that make the ‘super-recruiter’.



  • Commercial Acumen
    • Targets quality work, can pick a time waster from 100 yards
    • Manages pipeline of work, nurtures leads, knows when to close
    • Able to solve complex problems, can negotiate win-win solutions
  • Gifted Communicator
    • Skilled influencer, understands what motivates and drives others and tailors communication to audience, good negotiator
    • Great listener, adaptable over a broad variety of situations, gives impartial advice in a consultative manner
    • Skilled writer, writes with clarity of purpose and succinct, personable style
  • Strong People ‘Instinct’
    • Good instinct for understanding people and work cultures, applies to make great ‘matches’
    • Uses tools and research to better understand people (profiling)
    • Reads between the lines, continually seeking to understand ‘the why’ of others
  • Information ‘Sponge’
    • Absorbs information and assimilates quickly to a broad variety of professional environments, leading to ‘deep’ knowledge of specialisation
    • Uber curious!
    • Uses systematic ways to retain and harness information
  • Drive to Deliver Quality Results
    • Really goal and outcomes oriented, cuts to the chase to solve problems and achieve results
    • Challenges people’s thinking and ‘old practices’ to ensure better outcomes
    • Continuous improvement focus, doesn’t stop at ‘good enough’


  • Master of Methodologies
    • Takes deep, comprehensive job briefs and competency based interviews
    • Continually seeks to predict outcomes more accurately through the science of recruitment
    • Uses tools available to solve problems creatively.
  • Analyst, Researcher, Hunter!
    • Thinks laterally to solve recruitment challenges, harnesses knowledge of the team, technology and networks
    • Hunter – Sourcing sleuth, always proactively searching for unique talent, antenna always up for passive talent
    • Leverages network to find trusted information for due diligence and references
  • Technology and Database Native
    • Intelligently applies systems and processes to achieve better outcomes, loves new innovations and ways to create an advantage
    • Knows how to get the most from a sophisticated CRM; LinkedIn and social media black belt
    • Takes the view ‘if it is not on the system, it did not happen’, carefully recording key activities
  • Marketing and Branding
    • Builds strong social media presence sharing and creating content tailored to engage with target audience
    • Brand advocate for HorizonOne, attends events, writes blogs, creates video and works towards thought leadership status
  • Builds Talent Communities
    • Understands reputation is everything, thrives on Repeat work, receives continuous stream of Recommendations and Referrals (RRR)
    • Skilled networker, builds deep networks and carefully manages ongoing contact
    • Talent magnet – builds loyal talent referral networks through trusted advisor status

I have been given opportunities here to explore different skills, to find out what I enjoy doing and what I am good at! It’s a very supportive place to work and I like that I have the chance to move, grow and innovate rather than being restricted by a job title or job description.

Fiona Grimmer Marketing Manager

I am a real people person so I love the fact that my role allows me to meet and work with people in so many different roles and with so many different backgrounds. The long term relationships I am able to build with my candidates is really rewarding. Being able to guide them through different stages of their career and to see them coming back to us again and again shows they see real value in our service, and that means a lot.

David Jukes Senior Consultant

My move into the recruitment industry has been really positive. I love how fast paced and dynamic my days are. Plus the goals and measures of success are really tangible, it’s makes the work I do very rewarding.

Briana Croft Consultant

Imagine if the Directors of your company actually ran a recruitment desk? How much better would the system work? Here the systems work for us rather than us having to work for the system. It’s very refreshing to be part of a company that is constantly evolving its processes and systems rather than using the line “it’s always been done that way”

Wally Arndt General Manager Recruitment Operations

There are a number of things that I noticed were a differentiator about HorizonOne recruitment from the moment I walked in. Coming up to my one year anniversary, it’s safe to say that I feel at home here, both professionally and personally which is something I haven’t felt for some time.

Sophie Pereira Senior Consultant


  • Variety!

    Not stuck at a desk. Every day is different. Always meeting new people.
  • New outcomes every day

    Results. Targets. Fast-paced. Rewarding.
  • You change people’s lives

    Make a positive impact. Support major decisions.
  • Financial Independence

    Get ahead. Build wealth. Fantastic bonuses.
  • You never stop learning

    Become an expert. Nonstop challenges. Strong career path.
  • Become a trusted advisor

    Be a consultant. Be a go to person. Become fearless with meetings.
  • Global demand for skills

    Travel. Never be out of work.
  • Meet fascinating people, learn how organisations work

    Meet top performers. Understand why businesses succeed.
  • Fun, social, lots of events

    Award dinners. Networking. Work hard. Play hard.
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What does the first 6–12 months in recruitment look like?

Expect more than a firm handshake, an office tour and a procedures guide. You get a really warm welcome. Your desk and IT will be set up and personalised, and your tailored learning pathway starts from Day 1. Expect a thorough induction, followed by a wide variety of structured learning opportunities including external courses (Carman White), webinars, 1:1 and desk training sessions, plus a buddy program. Find out more

What career pathways are available to you?

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I am in! How does the process work?

Whilst we are not slow coaches and most hires are complete within two weeks, HorizonOne’s internal selection process is very thorough. We have a high performing team, we know what works, and we focus on the very best. Here’s how it works

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