Tabatha Gallaway

Senior Recruitment Consultant

What is your career background prior to starting your role?

After a short stint in a government role after I graduated, I realised the perfect job fit for me was one where I was working with people, not things. Recruitment gave me that personal satisfaction. Over the last four years, I have worked in specialties including communications, media, policy, program and procurement. As a recruitment consultant, I’m challenged by the fast moving and sometimes complex process.

The biggest reward though, is the impact I can make to some one’s life. I’m part of the candidate’s major life choices and changes, which can feel like a vulnerable time. I help and guide them through some of the decisions that may have long-term results on their careers, and in turn their finances and wellbeing.

What drew you to HorizonOne?

I was aware of a good buzz surrounding HorizonOne from other recruitment consultants in Canberra and knew it was a company that attracted quality, high performing people. I feel most energised at work when I’m surrounded by other people doing well; I love learning, being challenged and bettering my skills.

I became aware of a few top recruiters that joined HorizonOne and soon after, I was approached too. I was thrilled to join a company that not only has a strong focus on developing their people, but sees positive culture and employee wellbeing as a priority.

What would you say is different about HorizonOne’s approach to recruitment?

The focus is on building long term relationships with clients and candidates and demonstrating our value, both in the fruitful, good times and when things get challenging. Our approach is not about transactions, or just filling positions; we aim to solve problems. For example, one of our clients may have a specialised role in a candidate scarce market and is feeling the pain of being understaffed. Or a candidate may have unrealistic expectations of what’s available. We may not be able to help this candidate or client in the short term, but by keeping the dialogue going and relationship close, we’re likely to find a solution.

There is a structured, professional approach to how the team operates. We have the systems in place to make sure communication and updates occur on time, so that we don’t disappoint.

As a team, we get together regularly for training and to share best practice. The team takes pride in setting and maintaining high standards and we are invested in our client’s and candidate’s future.

Outside of work, what to you love to do?

Flying helicopters!

I’m striving to get my pilot’s licence with regular practice hours. When that happens, I can combine flying with my other love, which is visiting the great country restaurants and wineries around the Canberra region. I’ll leave the wine tasting to my passengers though; it’s zero alcohol tolerance of course when flying.

Who is the biggest stirrer in the office?

That would be Tom Michael. He appears to be a quiet gent, but when the chance arises, he quietly strikes with his dry, cheeky Irish wit.