Sarah Tamasi

Manager - Recruitment

Sarah Tamasi Recruitment Manager

How did you get here? Describe your career history and background that led you to your role at HorizonOne.

After finishing high school, I started out in the real estate industry as an administrative assistant while studying a degree in law. After a few years, I decided to take a break and took 6 months to go travelling. After which, I arrived back in Canberra, not knowing exactly what I wanted to do!

I ended up interviewing with two wildly different workplaces; either I could work in the APS as a Legal Administrator whilst finishing off my degree, or make a start in the recruitment industry. Over 10 years later, and I definitely don’t regret my decision to become a recruiter. I like to think I am really lucky to have found my dream role in an industry I love!

After being with HorizonOne for over two years, it’s amazing to see how much of an impact I’ve been able to make. I was promoted to Manager of our Administration & Office Support team after a year here. It’s great to have the opportunity to mentor and support junior consultants, whilst at the same time build on my capabilities as a manager.

What would you say is different about HorizonOne’s approach to recruitment?

To put it simply, HorizonOne has a value-add recruitment approach with an emphasis on both the client and candidate that other agencies can’t match. It’s the real focus on consulting and not the sales element of recruitment that separates us from the rest!

I also love the flexibility of working with HorizonOne. If I have a family emergency or something unexpected comes up and need to work remotely from home, I am able to do so with ease and with full support from the team!

What do you believe are the 3 key elements to being successful in recruitment?

  1. Developing a deep understanding and knowledge of your specialist industry – It’s so important to constantly be learning and to be passionate about your area of expertise.
  2. Treating people the way you would want to be treated – Always be empathetic, act with honesty and integrity!
  3. Don’t over promise and under deliver – Be realistic and know what you are capable of doing.

What do you like best about your role?

There are so many things I love about my role, but one of the best things would have to be getting to really learn and understand people’s motivators, and what they are looking for in their professional career. It’s really fulfilling being able to help someone find their dream job, and one of the best feelings is being able to help candidates get their first professional role!

Also, I’m not going to lie; I love chatting to people! And trust me, in recruitment there is no shortage of people to chat too!

Outside of work I love to…..

I have a pet jug (pug x jack russell) called Xavier, although he answers to Booba most of the time, and a pug named Charlie! So I spend most of my time running around picking up “my boys” and going on adventures with them.

I also caught the travel bug years ago when I took 6 months off after school to go travelling! So you will frequently hear me talking about where my next trip is…. even after I book a holiday there is always another one on the cards.

Who is the biggest stirrer in the office?

If I was allowed to say it was me, then I probably would put myself forward. But let’s call David Harrington a close second.