Patty Paterson

General Manager - Commercial

What is the history that shaped you for your current role?

I’m originally from Brazil, but I met my husband in London in 2002 when I was having fun working in pubs. In 2007, I decided to move to Canberra to be with him, and I have loved it ever since. I’d done the big city thing in London, but Canberra felt like home because I come from a similar-sized city in Brazil.

I started as a commercial insurance broker and moved into tax accounting and business advisory in my final semester at uni, where I obtained my CA. I moved into commercial finance, which I really enjoyed because I love driving businesses forward.

I interviewed with Simon and he placed me in an accounting firm about 10 years ago. When it came time for me to make a move again, I approached Simon and he was excited to get me on board as part of the H1 team. I started working at H1 as a consultant managing a system project implementation. The end goal for me was moving into a full-time, permanent role at H1 and now the project is coming to a close, I have transitioned into managing the commercial team.

What kinds of things are involved in your role?

As General Manager, Commercial, I manage the commercial team. These are all the functions that keep the wheels turning in the business: administration, finance, legal and contracts. I also oversee the programs and tech that keep the recruitment consulting and scribing teams running as effectively as possible.

It’s a lot of coordination, people leadership, and driving business improvements, which I love doing.

What would you say is different about HorizonOne’s approach to recruitment and business?

I’ve been a candidate twice for HorizonOne, and both times I was surprised by H1’s approach. I had wanted to get into one of the Big 4 consulting firms, but after judging my skills, experience and career goals, Simon was able to guide me toward a more suitable role and acted as my career consultant rather than just trying to place me in what was best for him.

HorizonOne is all about creating career pathways for candidates. Our consultants are the experts and are able to open up many possibilities which candidates may have not even thought to consider.

HorizonOne has a very progressive approach to business. We’re always striving to innovate, do better, and give everyone the best experience we can. This includes our clients, candidates,  scribes and internal team.

What are you most looking forward to achieving?

Due to rapid growth within the consulting side of the business, the HorizonOne commercial team’s requirements have also grown. This has led to the need for additional capacity in order to continue providing them with exceptional support. With this in mind, we have moved into a period of development for the commercial team.  A number of roles have expanded, and new team members have joined us. I am looking forward to continuing to develop the skills, experience and understanding of our support team and getting them working together in a good rhythm.

As well as the people side, I am looking forward to focusing on automation through a variety of technology. This will help the commercial and administration function improve efficiencies across the board.

Who is the biggest stirrer in the office? Give us a good example?

I would say Lucas because he’s the loudest, which is probably due to the ridiculous amount of energy drinks he has per day!

Outside of work I love to…

Spend time with my six-year-old son. We love to play video games together, mainly Mario and the Legend of Zelda. We also like to travel and get away for weekends together. I’m also a social butterfly, so entertain at home a lot.

I’m getting back into the gym and exercise. I backpaddled a bit during COVID but I’m slowly building that habit up again.

I also really like to crochet. I’ve made all kinds of things – cushions and baby blankets. I’m currently halfway through my biggest project yet – a bit blanket. I’m only halfway through, but it’s taken about 8 months so far!