Melissa Swann

HR & Office Manager

Describe your career history and background that led you to your role

Canberra has been home since I was very young, I’ve loved growing up here. I started my working life in retail, which led me to visual merchandising, and I ended up managing seven stores and 50 people. This is where I realised what I had a passion for and was good at, which is working with and developing people.

My next career step was in a more corporate environment as an EA to a CEO. They recognised my potential and gave me the opportunity to further develop my skills in finance, administration, and payroll. I also had the opportunity to build the HR department from the ground up, creating and implementing processes.

As well as mastering the systems side of HR, I headed up the Culture Committee, which deepened my understanding of people and gave me insights about what drives a positive workplace.

When I was looking for my next role, I wanted to further develop these skills and knowledge. So, when I was offered the opportunity at H1, I was very happy to accept because it combined all of these functions.

What does your role involve?

I manage day-to-day HR for the H1 team and contractors, as well as lead the admin team. This involves supporting new team members joining H1, streamlining processes for onboarding, building new HR systems, and managing the office.

All of the improvements we’re creating provide additional support for our people to further their learning and professional development. It’s been very interesting starting to build the L&D side of HR.

How would you describe HorizonOne’s culture?

There is a strong focus on making work both rewarding and enjoyable. We have very talented and hardworking team members that don’t stop at good enough. The work ethic is a genuine desire to help people. It’s fantastic to be part of a team with strong values and a shared vision.

The team genuinely loves socialising with each other and being connected. Our Culture Club organises regular team events and Friday afternoon get togethers.

Work-life balance is not just a statement here, our leadership team really does put their people first making sure time off and weekends are given priority.

I started at H1 in lockdown, and even working remotely, I could tell that this is an organisation that values its people.

Outside of work I love to…

I love being around people (no surprise), so my free time is spent getting together with family and friends, preferably over long lunches. Great company with good food and wine is mandatory! You might find me at Raku or Corella, two of my favourites.

If I’m not socialising or working my way through Canberra’s newest menus, I might be wandering around the lake or exploring the many nature walks Canberra has to offer.

Who is the biggest stirrer in the office?

There are some expert pranksters here, but the best might be David Harrington, who surprised me recently wearing a Halloween mask. Oooh… spooky…