Lisa Conroy

Senior Consultant

Describe your career history and background that led you to your role

I spent about 10 years of my childhood in Orange, but most of the time growing up, our family moved around, as my dad was in the Air Force. I discovered my love for human resources during my initial studies. Later, when I met my husband, we had the opportunity with his work to move to London for a couple of years. It was there I learnt to hone my HR skills, working at Barclay’s Wealth Management onboarding high end bankers.

Upon returning, we settled in Canberra where I started working in recruitment, specialising in contractor care and management.

When we started our family – we have a 3 and 5 year old – I wanted a role that had flexible work hours. I joined the team of H1 Scribe Consultants which offered me the flexible working life I was looking for. I supported government recruitment processes, which included shortlisting candidates, scheduling job interviews, and doing reference checks.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but the casual scribing work led me to a full-time role with HorizonOne supporting our 70+ scribe consultants.

What does your role involve?

My role focuses on coordinating scribing work for our clients, managing resources and scheduling. Having been a scribe previously, as well as being client side, I feel I can add value to both parties.

I’ve come to learn more about our scribes, their specialties, preferences for work and flexible arrangements. All of this helps to get a great match with our clients. I know many of our scribes as we have worked together previously, and so it’s been great to connect with them on a more regular basis.

What has surprised you about working in the recruitment and scribing industry?

I’ve been in HR and recruitment for several years; I love helping people find jobs and supporting them through the process.

HorizonOne has a very consultative approach to recruitment and is very supportive of our Scribe Consultants. We keep an open flow of communication between the scribe and client, so everyone has what they need to get great results.

I’m looking forward to getting involved in some of the larger processes, and learning how the services differ and how I can add value.

How would you describe HorizonOne’s culture?

As a scribe, I felt very supported working with the internal team. HorizonOne goes above and beyond to make sure we have everything we need to complete a job. Everyone in the team has always been lovely to deal with, and this has continued now I’m in the office full-time. It’s been a really good experience.

The leaders are committed to training new people and want them to do well. It’s a friendly, positive team, where colleagues reach out to answer questions and help you get settled. I’m loving being in an office environment again and having that separation between home and work.

Outside of work I love to…

We love going for walks with the children and Buddy (our husky x malamute dog) in our local Gungahlin area or around Belconnen Lake.

When I’m not wrangling the kids with school and activities, I’ll sneak out for some me time which may be a massage, solo walk, or some wine with friends.

Is there anything we might be surprised to know about you?

Every week, I do volunteer work with Palliative Care ACT at Clare Holland House. I sit and chat with the patients, make them fresh toast, crumpets, cups of tea, and help them with anything they need. It’s a welcome break for them from medical-related conversations.

I’ve been doing this for about 18 months and although it’s tough work, I really love it.

It’s the little things that count when you’re at that stage in life and I know they really appreciate it.