Kayla Hincksman

Recruitment Advisor

How did you get here? Describe your career history and background that led you to this role

My career started in administration and sales in the higher education and consulting industries. I really enjoyed the sales and business development aspect, especially when I started in Principle Gifts at ANU.

I was in need of a change, so I contacted HorizonOne and they placed me at ServCorp where I managed a small team looking after a floor. I enjoyed the role but felt like I had lost some of the meaningfulness of the work that I had at ANU.

So when I contacted Sarah Tamasi and Andy Batstone to see if they could help me in my job search again, we started talking about recruitment opportunities internally I accepted the offer they made to join the team!

What does your role involve?

At the moment my role is very much candidate-focused, looking after the candidate experience within the Administration and Office Support team with Sarah Tamasi and Tom Haskell.

I help candidates prepare for interviews with clients, making sure they play to their strengths and put their best foot forward. I talk to candidates so I can understand their skills and goals, and align them with client job opportunities.

There’s a shortage of Executive Assistants in the market, so I am also focusing on finding these candidates proactively through different avenues and connecting them to roles our clients have available.

What do you like best about your role?

I love that it’s so people-focused. I get a kick out of talking to candidates, and I have enjoyed taking them through the whole journey, from application, to interview, to placement. It was a thrill making my first placement.

Canberra is a small place, so developing long term relationships and helping my existing network has also been rewarding.

What drew you to HorizonOne?

Back when I first spoke to HorizonOne before working at ServCorp, Sarah Tamasi asked then if I was interested in joining the H1 team. At that stage, it wasn’t what I was looking for in my career. Sarah had described the great culture and opportunity for skills development HorizonOne offered. So when I was looking for a career change, I took a chance and made the leap to recruitment. It’s been great.

Who is the biggest stirrer in the office? Give us a good example?

It’s got to be David Harrington. He’s super quick witted. He finds a joke in everything, he’s a bit of a larrikin really.

What is something you do outside of work others might be surprised by?

Well, for the past 4 years, I’ve been dog breeding and showing my dogs. I have 8 dogs – German Short Hair Pointers and Hungarian Wire Haired Vizslas. I show them most weekends, and we often win awards: Best in Gun Dog Group, both the winner and runner up.

My other hobby is quilting. To date, my favourite quilt I ever made has over 1000 squares.

Also, I’m not sure this qualifies as a hobby, but I like to eat a vanilla slice from every town I travel to. The best vanilla slice I’ve ever had was from Bowral Café & Patisserie.