Joanne Boxshall

Senior Consultant

What is your career background prior to starting your role?

I have spent my work life mainly in the public sector in both state and federal government in the corporate/HR area. My background is as a generalist HR practitioner with experience in end-to-end recruitment management and providing advice on a range of staffing matters.

After taking time out from the public service to raise my family, I started working as a Scribe in 2005 and then a few years later, moved to scribing exclusively for HorizonOne.

This seemed like a natural progression that made use of my skills and experience in human resource management and was an ideal opportunity to work flexibly.

I recently came inhouse, joining the People Solutions team. In my role, I support our wonderful team of scribes, recruit new scribing consultants, and work with clients and scribes to ensure a great HorizonOne experience.

What drew you to HorizonOne?

It was my desire to give back. During my years as a Scribing Consultant, I’ve worked on many and varied projects from entry level processes through to senior appointments, as well as minute taking, tender evaluations, and chairing selection panels. I’ve been a part of developing assessment methodologies, shortlisting and referee checking. With this experience, it’s been very rewarding to share my learnings with the Scribes that are part of our H1 community.

I also wanted to broaden my skills and work more closely within a team. Working as a Scribe for H1 for a number of years, although I was offsite, I experienced the team culture firsthand. The support, collaboration and positive environment were what drew me to HorizonOne.

What has surprised you about working in the recruitment and scribing industry?

Since joining the team, I’ve been surprised how specialised the recruitment industry is. Our team of consultants are experts in their areas, ranging from Accounting and Finance, Technology, HR, Admin/Office Support, and Policy, Program and Procurement. They know their market and can speak with credibility, with both clients and candidates.

My perspective on scribing has changed too. I was very familiar with the processes and people resources needed to run a recruitment campaign for clients. What I hadn’t seen was the full service that clients can tap into. This is the ability for HorizonOne to create a targeted marketing campaign for the client which helps to attract the right people.

Outside of work, what do you love to do?

I have relished the arrival of my grandchildren in the last few years and with that has come my renewed interest in knitting.

I hand knit beanies, jumpers, blankets, toys and socks. Knitting is referred to as ‘Slow Fashion’, in some part because it takes time to create, but also because it uses natural, recycled, and sustainable materials – the opposite to ‘Fast Fashion’ – and I love that concept.

My mission is to knit one pair of socks every month for the next year. Let’s hope they are children’s sizes!

Who is the biggest stirrer in the office?

Andy for his all-round humour and Lucas for his sharp wit.