Fiona Grimmer

General Manager - Brand Experience

What is the history that shaped you for your current role?

I originally started at HorizonOne over 6 years ago as an administrative support for the consultants. In my first year, I went to the RCSA conference with David and Simon, and one of the themes we really resonated with was the future of recruitment and the importance marketing would play.

It was obvious that this would be the next step for recruitment and HorizonOne committed to investing in our marketing capacity. As I had a natural knack for marketing, my role evolved to focus more on marketing and business improvements and away from supporting the consultants administratively. Within a few years, I was working fulltime as the Marketing Manager, developing and managing the corporate strategy for HorizonOne and moving into 2020, we are now a nationally recognised, award winning brand.

I’ve also developed personally and professionally at my time at HorizonOne; I’ve completed a Diploma of Digital Marketing and in 2019 I was named the Telstra Women in Business Award for Emerging Leader. This was a significant achievement and elevated my personal and professional brand on a national scale. It also saw a lot of people take notice of what HorizonOne were doing within the recruitment business and has opened a lot of doors for further opportunities in the future.

What kinds of things are involved in your role?

Marketing at HorizonOne underpins everything we do as a business. It gives us the capacity to build the business brand and keep it growing from strength to strength. This, in turn, means we can attract and partner with the absolute best clients, jobs and candidates.

Management of the HorizonOne corporate brand involves developing and implementing strategies to support and grow the business. This can be anything from working with the consultants directly to attract candidates, helping them build talent pools and developing their personal brands all the way through to coordinating events, developing video content and designing corporate collateral.

We also offer recruitment marketing services to clients which support their recruitment needs and goals. The campaigns attract and engage with candidates in hard to find talent areas and develop strong employer branding opportunities for our clients.  With competition growing for employers to secure top talent, these services are in hot demand and my role is once again evolving to include more time helping our clients develop their own recruitment marketing strategies.

What would you say is different about HorizonOne’s approach to recruitment and business?

HorizonOne has an open approach to recruitment and business. There’s no “my way or the highway” attitude here. We like to explore different solutions to problems, and we’re constantly evolving. We’re always looking to expand on existing services or introducing new services or ways of doing things.

This all flows down from David and Simon’s ability to be innovative and flexible. They support the people in the business and push a collaborative approach within the team.

Unfortunately in recruitment, companies generally sit in one of two camps: they’re either stuck in their ways, or they’re terrified of simple improvements like AI. We are neither of these things and I believe it’s a big reason why HorizonOne continues to not only be successful but to grow. We leverage technology to make tasks easier and simpler, to free up tome and allow consultants to focus on building meaningful relationships with their clients and candidates.

What is the best thing about working at HorizonOne?

I have been given opportunities here to explore different skills and find out what I enjoy doing. It’s a very supportive place to work and I like that I have the chance to move and grow.

I like the fact that people within the business can influence the way its run. Our opinions are valued and there aren’t layers of bureaucracy to get through before making a difference. People can genuinely help the business on all levels, from improving simple processes, to having input into strategy. HorizonOne makes you feel valued. For example, I was able to run with the whole marketing space and make it my own. I was accountable, but free to try new things. We’re encouraged to have success, which is demonstrated through our supportive team culture. Everyone gets on well, despite having diverse backgrounds and skillsets. This truly makes our team stronger.

Who is the biggest stirrer in the office? Give us a good example?

Everyone has a really good sense of humour. You’re free to be yourself in all your own weirdness. Everyone has their own stirring qualities and has the ability to have a laugh.

Outside of work I love to…

When I’m being “peak Fiona” I take advantage of all the nature surrounding Canberra. I go for hikes in one of our many national parks and there is no better feeling than fresh air, a healthy sweat and conquering a mountain.

I also have two cats, Liam and Victoria, and I very much enjoy hanging out with them watching movies. Luckily they have the same taste as me as we are currently watching Buffy for the hundredth time.

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