Eden Santos

Operations Support

How did you get here? Describe your career history and background that led you to your role at HorizonOne.

As a Defence Force wife, I have lived all around Australia – 8 interstate moves in total! I have worked for a huge range of companies in a range of roles from working for amazing Not-For-Profits like the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Queensland to working in the Victorian Local Government. We have four children, so I have been drawn to roles that interest me and have the flexibility to work with my family.

Aside from Administrative roles, I have also held a number of roles in the events industry.

What does your role involve?

The primary function of my role is to support the Scribing Team with anything that they need to get their jobs done. I assist them with a range of administrative tasks to free them up to complete their own work. This includes having regular contact with our scribes, who are located across the country and ensuring that they have administrative support in order to complete their scribing assignments.

What do you like best about your role?

I am really enjoying working with the Scribing Team. It’s really refreshing to come into a team of people who genuinely enjoy working together. I love that I am supporting the ladies on the team and ensuring that all our scribes are getting their timesheets submitted correctly so they get paid on time!

The other side of the role that I am enjoying is having regular contact with the Scribe Consultants themselves. It’s nice to build that rapport with such a wide variety of people.

What is the best thing about working with HorizonOne?li

I think the best thing about working with HorizonOne is working with a team of people who really enjoy what they do. I also enjoy that there is the opportunity to grow in the private sector. The role I held previous to my current role was in the APS and I find that private businesses come with an element of unpredictability and I tend to enjoy that challenge. I have really enjoyed being back in the private sector again.

Who is the biggest stirrer in the office? Got a good example…..?

I sit next to Madeline and I have to say I was surprised by her potty mouth and sass. It was really unexpected because she seemed so demure at first!

What is something you do outside of work others might be surprised by?

Something that a lot of people wouldn’t know is that I attended culinary school as I love to cook!  On one of my husband’s deployments, I found it too difficult to work full time with my family commitments, so I took the opportunity to attend culinary school instead! I’ve always dreamed of having my own restaurant and being a chef full time. My husband has a Spanish background so I love cooking European cuisine, but Japanese is also a favourite!