Cheryne Zagorowski

Scribing Coordinator - People Solutions

How did you get here? Describe your career history and background that led you to your role at HorizonOne.

After completing a Cert IV in Ageing Support, I joined Calvary Community Care as a support worker where I helped aged people in our community maintain their independence at home. This was incredibly rewarding work and I was able to build some great relationships with my clients with the majority being very funny and sweet and having a huge amount to offer. I learnt a lot during this time and when it came time for a change, I wanted a career where I could continue to help people.

I moved into a Staff Liaison Officer role working for a company contracting medical and support staff into the ADF. It gave me a taste of recruitment and also honed my administrative and coordination skills while still being able to make a positive influence.

Following an extended trip to Canada (it really is just as beautiful as the postcards seem!) I reached out to Sarah T at HorizonOne as she was recommended to me by a number of people. Sarah introduced me to Lyndal and a role within the HorizonOne Scribing team. The role was a good mix of organisation, people facing work and administration. It also had the key element of enabling me to make a positive contribution to our community – so I was sold instantly!

What kinds of things are involved in your role?

My role is quite varied. Day to day, I take job requests, create quotes for clients, manage timesheets and support payroll. At its core though, my role is about relationship building. I talk to clients to understand their needs and make sure we provide the right type of service. The stronger the relationship, the better outcome we have.

I also build really strong relationships with our scribe consultants; currently we have over 60 across Australia. I enjoy getting to know about their personal lives as well as their professional capabilities. This way I can guide and provide them with realistic client expectations and make sure that I match them with work that fits into their life.

What do you like best about your role?

I really do enjoy connecting with the scribes, chatting and getting to know them. They do such an amazing job for us, and I always try to make them feel appreciated. The whole Scribing and Campaigns team are great to work with. The ladies in the office are very supportive and caring.

I also really like organising things (I feel like nearly every situation can be fixed with a list) and the feeling of seeing a job through to the end. I am very process driven and the feeling of satisfaction that comes from ticking all the boxes and achieving a great outcome for our clients is very rewarding.

What is the best thing about working with HorizonOne?

The flexibility to be able to live and work is great. HorizonOne make sure that your work hours can fit in with life’s chores and admin when things come up. It’s about treating people with respect and maturity. As an employee, you’re responsible for yourself. As long as you get your work done, you have flexibility. This kind of environment makes you more productive and supported.

The team is awesome, we can chat and be casual, but we’re also professional and get our work done.

What is something you do outside of work others might be surprised by?

I love cooking. But more than that – I am massively into baking vegan desserts. I make an amazing cashew and strawberry vegan cheesecake.

I also have a fur baby, a mini fox terrier called Luna. She is my absolute world and we spend a lot of time together going for walks, swimming in the river and just hanging out.

Who is the biggest stirrer in the office? Got a good example?

Everyone says it’s David but I’m going to go with Mads. Her quick wit is razor sharp and she’s great fun to have a wine with!