Catherine Stamatis

General Manager - People Solutions

What is your career history and background and how did that lead you to your current role?

It’s been a winding path to get here, and I’ve been lucky to have a wide, varied career. My first field of study was a science degree, specialising in nuclear medicine and psychology. I’ve always enjoyed solving problems and finding solutions. This, and my desire to help people was the start of many years working in the Financial Services industry. I’ve worked for smaller, regional banks as well as the majors, managing up to 100 branches and large teams. Financial Services is a fast paced, complex industry and after a number of years of work travel, I decided to have a pause.

It was while I was on this break last year that Simon reached out to me directly via LinkedIn.

By looking at my profile and background, he felt my approach to problem solving and managing teams would be a good combination to help take the People Solutions part of the H1 business to the next stage. And here I am, leading a team that supports our government clients during their recruitment processes.

What would you say is different about HorizonOne’s approach to business?

HorizonOne is known for its exceptional service and solving people and recruitment challenges with innovative solutions. In order to be innovative, we must constantly adapt to what the market needs by listening to our clients and challenging the usual.

Between our internal people and team of nearly 80 scribes, we have extensive knowledge and decades of experience that enables us to offer very specialised services to our government clients. We can take a large and complex project and manage the process end to end, from attracting the candidates, shortlisting applications, supporting the interviews, conducting reference checks and managing all candidate communication. Or, we can take on one or two parts to supplement the resources the client already has.

What’s different about our approach is that we adapt, change and customise our services to what our clients need.

What are you most excited about achieving over the next 12 months?

I’m looking forward to reviewing the services we have with a different set of eyes. As we grow, I’m excited to introduce new systems and processes that will free up our team to do what they do best; consult with our clients, find solutions and provide guidance.

We’re planning to expand the services the People Solutions team offers. With our breadth and depth of experience, I’m confident we can ease the pain points presented to us.

‘What else can we do?’ will be a question we ask our clients and selves over the next year as we expand our offering.

Outside of work, what do you love to do?

I have a big, loud (Greek) extended family; our Christmas gathering alone can reach 120 people! My out of work activities evolve around my children and grandchildren, getting together to cook, eat and celebrate. I have a big 1-acre garden, which produces many fruits and veggies, but also keeps me busy to maintain it.

Who is the biggest stirrer in the office?

HorizonOne has a culture of balancing work with having fun, but there are clear leaders in the fun department. Lucas is the most overt and flamboyant and David is the cheekiest, a quiet joker.