Ashlea Gardiner

Team Administrator

What is your work/career background and how has that shaped you for your current role?

Growing up, I had a busy schedule of netball games, dance classes and competitions. Once in high school and then at Uni, I took these interests to teach hip hop, contemporary jazz and ballet as well as coaching swimming. Managing these responsibilities, as well as my studies meant every part of my day was scheduled. That’s where I got my love of routine and being organised.

At Uni, I studied teaching as well as psychology, and this confirmed that I wanted to be in a role working with people.

My first meaty job was working for Prime as a Commercial Media Coordinator. This was a fast paced, high stress, tight deadline environment working with a diverse sales team. This bought my organisational and people psychology skills together. After two years there, my colleague Tian who had moved on to HorizonOne, suggested I come over; and here I am, a perfect fit with my skills.

What does your role involve?

I am part of the Commercial team, and a large part of my role is supporting the consultants with our community of candidates and contractors. This means communicating with candidates in preparation for interviews, scheduling appointments and staying in contact throughout their experience with H1.

HorizonOne has over 300 remote contractors and we are the first point of contact to troubleshoot areas such as time sheets, payroll, and system access. We are the consultant’s right hand for admin support and communicating with our communities.

What do you like best about it?

I love solving problems for other people and relieving pressure points. I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing positive results from my input. The work environment is always buzzing with uplifting banter; I genuinely look forward to my day ahead. The whole team is collaborative and works together.

Our office is open plan with no closed-door offices, so even our leaders, Simon and David are on the floor with all of us, chiming in to solve challenges or adding to the conversations.

Is there something we might be surprised to learn about you?

Most people don’t expect me, a former ballet dancer, to be a mad footy fan.

I’m a Cronulla Sharks fan, but I love watching all games. The Knights, Panthers, all of them are my obsession from Thursday nights through the weekend of the Footy season. This has been a ritual with my Dad and Pop for years and I wouldn’t change the raucous, high energy family get togethers for anything.

Who is the biggest stirrer in the office?

There are some close contenders, but Lucas gets my vote. He surprised Tabatha, one of our consultants by tipping a bowl of lollies on her head; lucky she’s a sweet tooth.