Alan Larby

Manager - Recruitment

How did you get here? Describe your career history and background that led you to your role at HorizonOne.

I have a strong golf background, both playing professionally and working for one of the most exclusive private clubs in Sydney. When I was younger I moved to the US for a year to play College Golf in Texas before moving back to Australia and undertaking an apprenticeship with the Royal Sydney Golf Club.

My apprenticeship allowed me to coach members of the club on improving their techniques, while continuing to play tournaments myself. After a while, I was offered an opportunity to move into the corporate side of the business and I quickly worked my way up through the ranks to become the Membership Manager.

As Membership Manager, I interacted with a really broad range of people, and I loved the challenge of managing complex situations as they arose at the club.

In 2017, my wife and I made the decision to make the move to Canberra; my wife has family here and we love the feel of the ACT with its outdoor spaces and access to nature. It’s a great place to raise our two children and gain excellent work-life balance!

I sent my CV to HorizonOne for another position and received a call to see if I had ever considered a career in recruitment. It wasn’t something that I had ever really thought about however once I started to research there were a lot of similarities between recruitment and my membership background. I met with the team and really enjoyed the H1 culture and so made the decision to embark on a career in recruitment, an am loving it 2.5 years later.

What does your role involve?

I’m currently working closely with David Harrington and Kristelle Gadd in the accounting and finance area engaging with the wonderful people that make up that sector of the Canberra job market. My goal is to add value to our candidates and clients through my 2+ years’ experience and H1’s 30+ years combined experience. My father was a Big 4 trained Accountant, CA and Financial Planner, I worked closely with the finance team at the golf club, and I’ve been mentored by a number of C-suite professionals from the Big 4 so I’m familiar with the industry, and I have been loving getting a deep understanding of the ACT market.

What would you say is different about HorizonOne’s approach to recruitment?

I had always assumed recruitment to be quite a “sales-y” industry as my interactions with some recruiters were pretty shallow. During the interview process with HorizonOne, I did a lot of research about the real recruitment industry and HorizonOne specifically. I asked connections I had in Canberra and everyone I spoke to had the same opinion – that HorizonOne really cares for its candidates and clients and is working to educate people on how they can have meaningful and valuable relationships with recruitment consultants.

What do you like best about your role?

I’m really enjoying the people side of things. In my prior management roles, I’ve always felt I was quite good at finding people’s strengths and I’m enjoying the opportunity to connect people with opportunities that further their passions and motivations. On the other side, I really enjoy being able to help organisations find someone who not only matches to skills and experiences required for the role but is a great culture fit.

I also really enjoy the fact that the HorizonOne team is quite small (although it has almost doubled since I’ve been here!) but very dynamic with a high degree of care for clients and candidates. The company is on a real journey of growth at the moment and it’s been exciting to be here at a time where there is so much energy and change.

Outside of work I love to…

Outside of work, I’m usually spending time with my family. We love a swim in the pool during the warmer months, trying out new cafes, going for a bike ride, and are enjoying checking out the snow! I love sport and I’m often outside, growing organic fruit and veg, playing some tennis, or enjoying a hit at the local golf course.

Now we’re settled into Canberra life, we can’t go past Questacon, Boundless Playground, and the National Arboretum without objection from the kids.

For 2021, we are out caravaning and camping many weekends, so ask me where we ended up on our most recent trip next time you see me.

Who is the biggest stirrer in the office?

Well Nick Day is definitely a great team social coordinator, and Tammy is always challenging the team with fun word-searches in the kitchen each week. Neither are stirrers but definitely add a lot of life to the office!