Abbie Seddon

Recruitment Consultant

What is your work/career background and how has that shaped you for your current role?

I started my work life in retail; would you believe as part of a large hardware chain?

I started in the Décor Department as the Manager and then transitioned to Department Manager of Hardware and Trade. In this role, I dealt with challenging customers and complaints, whilst also coaching the team to deliver great customer service.

After hours, I pursued my love for makeup by cementing my skills with a Diploma in Makeup, specialising in special effects. I took this passion and started working with clients for weddings, parties and special occasions. Both roles honed my people and communication skills, which have been strong assets for my career in Recruitment which I moved into two and a half years ago.

What do you believe are the 3 key elements to being a successful recruitment consultant?

  • Be yourself – this means being authentic and making the effort to really relate and build strong relationships over the long term. This is the opposite mindset of transactional recruitment which is all about chasing the short-term gain.
  • Follow-up and communication – a key part of a good working relationship is to keep both candidates and clients informed, with the good news, bad news or when there is no news. Being transparent and honest.
  • Being proactive – keeping conversations in motion, having open and ongoing dialogue. Not waiting for things to occur to provide updates.

How would you describe HorizonOne’s culture?

It’s a balance of professional and light-hearted.

There is a streamlined process for recruitment. I feel confident that my candidates, from the first time they make contact, and all the way through (hopefully for a placement), feel valued and informed not only by me, but from the H1 communications.

The leaders and team members are supportive, and as we work in an open office, there is positive enforcement and informal mentoring that comes about from the banter. It’s a great boost of confidence when team members are genuinely interested and want you to do well.

There is recognition of the hard work we do at our quarterly and yearly awards meetings. Socially, our Culture Club organises in-house lunches, as well as offsite activities such as walks, bowling and escape rooms. It’s a great chance to bond as a team and have a few laughs!

What might we be surprised to learn about you?

I am a super fan of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)!

In fact, I wanted to be a wrestler since I was a kid; I was glued to watching matches every day on TV. Most people find that surprising. I’m a blond-haired girly-girl on the outside and a rough and tumble tomboy on the inside.

Who is the biggest stirrer in the office?

David has a dry sense of humour and is very competitive. Lucas loves to make people squirm. It’s probably an even award between the two.