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Why Limiting Your Search to Canberra Could Be Your Biggest Hiring Mistake

Where are all the candidates!? It’s a question almost every employer is asking. A recent media release from the Australian Bureau of Statistics may shed some light on this issue. […]

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Is Your Recruitment Process Stopping You From Winning Talent?

As Australia’s unemployment rate drops to a level not seen in almost 15 years, employers across Australia are scrambling for talent. Lack of skilled migration, coupled with accelerated retirements and […]

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Celebrating 3 Inspirational Canberra Women

Tuesday March 8 was International Women’s Day – a wonderful opportunity for us all to stop and celebrate the very special role women play in our lives and at work. […]

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Ahead Of IWD, We Ask: Does The Glass Ceiling Still Exist?

March 8th is International Women’s Day – an annual global celebration of women from all walks of life. As we prepare to recognise the women in our families, the community […]

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When employers define flexibility, it’s not actually flexible

One size fits none printed on a clothing tag

“Flexible work” is certainly one of the more popular employee benefits we’ve seen arise over the past few years – with many job seekers actively looking for roles that promise […]

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Contracting?! At the height of your career?!

You may have seen our recent blog on why you should choose contracting. Sure, it sounds like a great option to transition into the public service, particularly at the start […]

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Are You Nuts?! You Want To Implement A New System?!

Are you nuts

Digital transformation is the biggest buzzword of the past few years, with the events of 2020 merely reinforcing how crucial it is to implement effective tech systems that drive connectivity […]

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When Is It OK For A Recruiter To Say No To A Client?

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It’s in a recruiter’s DNA to say yes to clients. After all, where would we be if we refused every job order that came through? However, there are some cases […]

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Why a Proactive Approach to Mental Wellbeing is Best for Your Business & People

Mental health is frequently overlooked and underrated by Australian workplaces. Yet, according to research, mental illness is the leading cause of work disability and estimated to cost the global economy […]

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Make LinkedIn Work for You by Culling Your Connections


I remember when I first started using LinkedIn around 8 years ago. Back then I would spend about 5 hours a week on it, building a network of people who […]

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The Silent Career Killer

Everyone has met that one person through their work. First impressions are excellent. They seem bright, positive, present well and come across as a real go-getter. But their career never […]

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