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It’s important for you to ask yourself ‘are we the right firm for you?’ There’s a lot of information on our website which will give you a sense of who we are and how we work. In particular, have a look at the subject areas that we specialise in. If you have strong track record of performance in one of these areas then there’s a good chance we are the right firm for you.

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Sadly we can't help everyone

Over 50% of the roles we place are filled before advertising. Don’t just wait for the exact type of role to pop up on a job boards, be proactive. We receive over 500 applications every month and we pride ourselves on our service. Therefore we are only able to commit to those we know we can help. It’s all about finding the right role for the right candidate. Either way, we ensure we respond to every application we receive.

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In a market as ‘close’ as the Canberra region, confidentiality and respect for your privacy is a critical part of our everyday lives. We guarantee your confidentiality at all times, we never send out your details to an employer without explicit prior consent, and we do not share confidential information you have made us privy to. For further information please see our privacy policy.

We will call you

To get things moving we’ll give you a friendly call to organise a meeting, or to discuss specific roles or opportunities. We’ll ensure a streamlined approach to building your profile on our system, and arrange a time to meet face-to-face so we really understand your needs.. At this stage we also ask that you complete an online registration form and behavioural profile, so we can focus all our time on your needs when we meet.

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We meet to learn all about you

In order to find your perfect role we need to learn all about you. We need to understand your motivations, interests, goals and aspirations. In order to gain this deep understanding we conduct a detailed behavioural interview and ask you to complete an online behavioural profile. Don’t be daunted though, all of our recruitment specialists are friendly and committed to the best possible outcome for you. This is a great time to ask all those tricky questions you may have about your career or the market.

we agree how we will work together

we get busy


Depending on your needs, this can be an urgent fast moving sweep of the market, or a slow steady search for the ideal role.

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Our expectations of you

We’re big believers in being open and honest so that you know what to expect from us and it’s clear what our expectations of you are. We'll be working hard to hunt down the best opportunities, but we expect a few things from you.

  • Be easily contactable (mobiles essential!) and return our calls, SMS’s or emails promptly
  • Keep us informed about your search including keeping us fully up to speed on other opportunities you are pursuing
  • Open, honest communication is the name of the game. We can’t operate effectively for you knowing only half the story.
  • Commit time to things like improving your CV or researching target employers, naturally with our support to steer you in the right direction

Bear in mind that finding an amazing role for you can take time, so it’s important to be patient and not hound us.

We Go Hunting

Approach agreed target organisations

If your skill set is in high demand, we agree and confirm in writing with you a list of organisations we will approach on your behalf targeting the exact business area or team best-suited to your work interests and personality.

Proactively search for ideal role

Now we understand your needs, with our finger on the pulse of the market we can proactively identify new opportunities as they arise or even before they ‘hit the market’.

Submit you for specific opportunities

We agree representation for specific roles confirmed in writing with an email from our system. Once submitted we will get back to you as soon as we have feedback from our client


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