What’s the difference?

We live our values every day. Our values are not simply words in a business plan, or ideals on the wall. We apply them to everything we do each day, and they are built into every facet of our operation.

Mission: Bridging talent and opportunity
through insight. Changing lives.

  • Candidates - What's the Difference? HorizonOne Recruitment
  • Candidates - What's the Difference? HorizonOne Recruitment
  • Candidates - What's the Difference? HorizonOne Recruitment
  • Candidates - What's the Difference? HorizonOne Recruitment
  • Candidates - What's the Difference? HorizonOne Recruitment
  • Candidates - What's the Difference? HorizonOne Recruitment

Pillars supporting our Mission


HorizonOne’s focus is quality and we continually strive to raise the benchmark for excellence in our industry.

We don’t play the numbers game nor contact you continuously with every job that pops up on our radar. We make sure opportunities are carefully aligned with your goals and unique preferences. We apply our understanding about you and your industry to find a great job, not just the next job.

From our internal staff selection, to candidate sourcing and selection, client account management and internal controls and due diligence, everything is centred on quality frameworks designed to deliver high-value outcomes.

Here are some numbers that support our quality focussed approach:

  • Recruiting with Insight means over 70% of HorizonOne contractors extend or go permanent. Just because the job is a contract it does not mean it shouldn’t align well with your goals and key motivators.
  • Our ‘whole of person’ recruitment methodology has proven to be highly successful for permanent placements, with less than 5% of our permanent recruitment requires a replacement.

By focusing our efforts on quality work and understanding our clients, we add value to your career by sharing an in-depth understanding of organisations, the recruitment market and the people we know. We offer practical career and job seeking advice whether or not we benefit from your next move.


Our Depth of networks gives you access to the best employers in the region, and job opportunities within our subject matter areas that are second to none.

Our Depth of knowledge and specialist recruitment experience means we truly understand your industry and your needs.

Our consultants offer you a deep pool of job opportunities within their specialist subject matter. Our consultant’s work across all sectors (commercial, Government and NFP/NGO’s) and work types (contract and permanent). This means each consultant is not just looking at one thin wedge of the market. It leads to a very comprehensive and current understanding of the specialist area, and offers you the broadest possible scope of job opportunities.

Panel Access

Our success in winning market share. In our first 10 year’s of operation we have managed over 6800 job orders from over 2200 different contacts in over 460 different organisations.


We take the time to understand you, and we listen. We ask a lot of questions, and we will treat you as an individual. We will invest time and effort to develop a deeper understanding beyond ‘what you have done’ until we understand what drives and motivates you.

When we commit to helping you, we take the time to really get to know you and maintain that relationship into the future. We are explicit in saying we can’t help everybody as we work solely within our subject matter specialisations, and focus on the top 15% of talent in the market. Every candidate we meet is carefully vetted. We undertake a comprehensive registration process including behavioural profiling, as well as a full behavioural based interview that includes a detailed discussion around goals, motivations and professional aspirations.


We live our values everyday. Our values are not simply words in a business plan, or ideals on the wall. We apply them to everything we do each day, and they are built into every facet of our operation.

We do as we say we will do. We set realistic expectations, and pride ourselves on delivering on our commitments to you. If you call or email us, we will respond to you in a reasonable timeframe regardless of how busy we become.

We focus on building long term relationships and we seek to act as trusted advisors over the lifetime of your career. Many of our best placements come from repeat candidates, with many talented candidates returning to us because we add value to their career choices over time.

We are known for our authenticity, ethics and professional standards. We pride ourselves on our straightforward communication style and impartial advice whilst supporting you through the challenges of career decision-making. As a result more than 40% of our talent network come through referrals and recommendations from those who know we will look after their colleagues, friends or family.

Proactive referrals

You know your skills are in high demand?

Don’t wait for the right job to appear.

We will find you the ideal next role through a proactive ‘approach to market’ specifically tailored to your needs.
For a confidential discussion about your career please get in touch here


We view sourcing talent as a Science, not a sales game and we are continually seeking ways to better understand and connect with our networks. Our core values of ‘Challenge the Usual’ and ‘We don’t stop at good enough’ set the scene for a team that loves to shake it up.

In a rapidly changing industry continuously impacted by disruptive technologies, we embrace uncertainty and love to experiment and see how ‘new stuff’ can improve the service we deliver.

We build innovation into the way we operate our business and encourage everyone in the team to be involved in improvement projects whilst promoting a culture of continuous improvement. We are an agile team whose Directors work in the business meaning we can move quickly when the next great idea arises.


HorizonOne’s rapid growth and National recognition through various awards has been built on foundation of trust and a reputation for delivering quality.

As the fastest growing recruitment company in our region, our success is evidenced by:

  • Access to the best employers and a wide selection of contract or permanent work
  • Access to all major Government recruitment panels
  • A recruitment team with over 40 years recruitment industry experience
  • Significant National reach through our clients and affiliated partners in other states
  • A firm commitment to service excellence in line with our core values

Our approach yields great results:

Over 96% of our candidates would recommend HorizonOne to colleagues, friends and family (Survey, 2015)

Over 90% of our candidates rate our performance as Excellent or Good (Survey, 2015)

Over 70% of our contractors extend or go permanent

Less than 5% of our permanent recruitment requires replacement

We care about making a difference in our community, and we engage our clients in these activities to maximise our positive influence. We support a range of community organisations by leveraging our success to maximise positive impact.

Who we work with

We are a
values driven
recruitment business