Contractor of the Month for September

Our Contractor of the Month for September is Belinda Steenkamp! Belinda is currently contracting with ActewAGL as an Energy Expert. Belinda joined ActewAGL in May, and in just a few […]

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Contractor of the Month for August

Alan Larby and Ryan Cheng

Our Contractor of the Month for August is Ryan Cheng! *we visited Ryan just before lockdown Ryan is currently contracting with the Department of Health as a Finance Business Partner. […]

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Jobs, Family, And Culture, Oh My! 3 Reasons To Make The Move

Piggy bank attached to the top of a toy car

If you live outside Canberra, you may have wondered ‘Is Canberra a good place to live? And how will a move effect my career?’ It’s difficult to know what any […]

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Contractor of the Month for July

Alyse Hong and Tom Haskell

Our Contractor of the Month for July is Alyse Hong! Alyse is currently contracting with the Department of Education, Skills and Employment as an Executive Assistant. Alyse joined the department’s Digital […]

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How To Choose Between Multiple Job Offers

You’re in the market for a new job, so you tentatively put out some feelers by sending your resume to a few recruiters, or apply for some jobs directly. Before […]

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When employers define flexibility, it’s not actually flexible

One size fits none printed on a clothing tag

“Flexible work” is certainly one of the more popular employee benefits we’ve seen arise over the past few years – with many job seekers actively looking for roles that promise […]

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Contracting?! At the height of your career?!

You may have seen our recent blog on why you should choose contracting. Sure, it sounds like a great option to transition into the public service, particularly at the start […]

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June Contractor of the Month

Liz Strachan and Christy Siu

Our Contractor of the Month for June is Christy Siu! Christy is currently contracting with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as a Procurement Advisor. Christy originally came to us as a […]

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Exceptional Candidate Report

A simple concept, yet a remarkably useful tool for keeping your finger on the pulse of the market, and possibly shortcutting a lengthy recruitment process. Our Exceptional Candidate Report (ECR) is distributed monthly to over 1000 of our clients and summarises the essential details about our most exceptional pre-vetted candidates for the specialist areas we recruit in.

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