March Contractor of the Month

March Contractor of the Month - HorizonOne Recruitment Alexandra Boughton, Administration and Officer Support team. Contracting through HorizonOne Recruitment

This month our contractor of the month is Alexandra Boughton. Alex was nominated directly by her manager James Teale who gave us outstanding feedback stating “her drive to succeed often […]

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Is This Australia’s Most Flexible Job?

Is this Australia's most flexible job? HorizonOne Recruitment Canberra. With scribes able to choose their own work hours and do a lot of their work at home, they may be the most fortunate workforce in Australia!

Managing your own time, working from home, calling the shots on your work hours…it’s a lifestyle that most of us can only dream about. But for those with a career […]

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Is the Grass Really Greener? Evaluating a New Job Offer

Evaluating a New Job Offer - Is the Grass Really Greener?

Contemplating whether to take a new job offer can be exciting and terrifying. The lure of a brand new office, with a new team, a new job title, and possibly […]

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February Contractor of the Month

February Contractor of the Month - HorizonOne Recruitment

Our February contractor of the month was Shabnam Walizada. Currently contracting out at the Department of Home Affairs as an Assets Accountant, she has only ever received outstanding feedback during […]

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Hiring Contractors: A Strategic Guide

Hiring Contractors: A Strategic Guide HorizonOne Recruitment News From the Directors, How do you determine if a contractor is the best fit?

Contractors can often be perceived as transient and only good for last minute or short term business cover. But it is an increasingly common occurrence for an organisation to bring […]

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When a Recruiter Calls… Do’s & Don’ts

When a Recruiter Calls... Do's & Don'ts HorizonOne Recruitment Canberra Career Advice, how to handle a screening call Deanna Klouth

When you’re in the market and seeking a perfect new role, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of a recruiter screening call at some point. Whether […]

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What’s happening in Canberra’s Job market? HorizonOne’s Bi-annual Review

What's happening in Canberra's Job market? HorizonOne's Review federal election predictions, skills shortages, ACT region trends & observations

As HorizonOne approaches its 10 year anniversary this April, we are also preparing for another huge year of recruitment activity.  Read on to review: Our predictions about the Federal election […]

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Are you a CFO of the future?

Are you a CFO of the future? Kym Partington Deputy CEO Department of Education partnering with HorizonOne Recruitment Canberra Budgeting Team

Looking for the opportunity to set up your career for success? Having recruited for Kym Partington for almost 15 years, we noticed a rather incredible phenomenon.  Kym’s former team members […]

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