Annual HorizonOne Awards Night 2022

They say “winners are grinners” but the truth is, it was smiles all around as we collectively celebrated the achievements of 10 very special team members at our recent Annual Awards Night. It’s also a chance to celebrate the efforts of the whole team, especially after a tough year living with Covid and working in a complex candidate short market.   

And it wasn’t just the smiles that shone. In fact, we glittered and glitzed our way through the night with the theme “year 10 formal”. Sequins adorned dancing queens in a rainbow of colours, whilst the prince charming’s dazzled us with impromptu choreography.

The awards are about celebrating success and personal growth, as well as championing those who embody our culture and values. H1’s values underpin everything we do and have helped keep us focussed on our purpose through significant growth over the last few years.

A huge thank you to our Culture Club for organising such a brilliant event. They put in so much effort, from invitations, to theming, the venue, and entertainment. You really put on a show!

Drumroll please… the winners are:

Rising Star Award – Ashlea Gardiner 

The Rising Star Award was handed out for the first time this year as a way to recognise members of the team still early in their career at H1. After just a few months, it was clear that Ash has shown an excellent ability to learn new skills and she has relished in the opportunity to jump into different business areas to help out whenever needed. Her positive can-do attitude makes her an excellent problem solver, and her engaging personality and customer service mindset has impressed us all. She really upholds one of our most important values, “don’t stop at good enough”. Ash, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

Success Award – Top Biller – Sarah Tamasi

Having just celebrated her 5 year anniversary at HorizonOne, Sarah has consistently produced exceptional results. Therefore, it was no surprise she took out the Top Biller Award for the 3rd year running. This year, she has submitted 307 candidates, organised 181 client-side interviews, which culminated in 144 placements. That’s a lot of lives changed! Additionally, she has recently moved into a management position for the Admin & Office Support team, where she has worked hard to share her knowledge and mentor the team to help them reach a record team quarter. Well done ST!

Changing Lives Award – Personal Growth – Emma Maude

As a newer member of the H1 team, Emma has positively embraced a growth mindset and stretched well outside of her comfort zone. She has readily taken on more and more, and approaches her work with a systematic and value-add focus. As her confidence has grown, she regularly tackles new challenges with a can-do attitude and a smile. Her achievements are also recognised by our communities, who regularly give positive feedback. Your positive energy and hard work are very much valued, thank you Emma!

Changing Lives Award – Personal Growth – Sarah Fowler

Sarah’s individual performance has significantly exceeded original forecast expectations, as she continues to raise the bar and stretch outside of her comfort zone to develop her craft. As a highly skilled relationship builder, Sarah consistently receives high quality feedback from candidates and clients alike, and she has really built up her confidence in dealing with  high level stakeholders. Much of this can be attributed to her kind personality and genuine warmth, which also means a lot to the H1 team culture. Thank you for being you, Sarah!

H1 Culture Champion Award – Stephanie Kennar

Our Culture Champion Award is a people’s choice award, with the whole team submitting nominations on who they believe best represents the H1 values and is a champion for our culture. This year we had almost unanimous votes for team favourite, Steph! Steph always goes above and beyond her day-to-day role to influence and shape our culture. During the nomination process, the team described her as “a joy to work with”, “a shining star”, “a first-class legend” and most importantly, “her positive energy is infectious”. We are lucky to have you, Steph!

Success Award – Growing the Business – Kristelle Gadd

We have seen Kristelle consistently grow during her time at H1. She has developed strong client and candidate relationships which has resulted in excellent financial results, and equally important, has created long term partnerships with a great sense of trust. This year, Kristelle smashed her own personal best in a record-breaking year of success. She has also shown great mentorship and knowledge sharing, her unstoppable work ethic inspires new trainees and many others around her. Congratulations Kristelle on accelerating your career this year!

Maximise Impact Award – Share Success – Alan Larby

HorizonOne was established with a culture of collaboration and sharing as a key focus. We are a business that thinks beyond profit and uses our position in the community to maximise positive impacts on people. Alan personifies these values with an integrity and humility clearly demonstrated in his leadership role within the business. He has a strong emotional awareness and takes a great deal of pride in helping clients and candidates make great recruitment decisions. Alan’s community focussed nature is clearly present outside of work too. He is loving father, a leader in his church community, he coaches his daughter’s soccer team and provides respite foster care to local Canberran’s. Our hat goes off to you Alan, we are very lucky to have you as such a positive presence.

Don’t Stop at Good Enough Award – Lauren Williams

This is a very important award for H1 as “don’t stop at good enough” is a foundation of our approach. Lauren personifies this value as she is always stretching above and beyond what is expected to deliver the best possible result. Her competence, maturity and diligence have made her a well-respected and trusted member of the team. She’s not afraid to challenge the status quo, always chasing best-practice with a keen eye for detail. Lauren has quickly become very well-liked, known for her humour and competitiveness when it comes to games nights!

Don’t Stop at Good Enough Award – Mads Quinn

Mads is sometimes known as a quiet achiever in the office but the sheer volume of high quality and complex work she achieves is definitely something to shout about. Her expertise and commitment to solving tough recruitment challenges is not only celebrated by our clients but also makes a big impact on the team by her natural leadership and ability to mentor. Mads recently celebrated her 5 year anniversary and throughout her time at H1 she has lived the value of “don’t stop at good enough”. You are a true star and just bloody brilliant Mads!

Leading with Purpose Award – Andy Batstone

With our incredible pace of growth over the last 5 years, investing in leadership has been crucial to HorizonOne’s success. Since Andy started, he has led the team through a 3-fold increase in revenue and a 5-fold increase in profit. He is committed to continuous development as a leader and an executive recruiter, and he’s described by Simon as “the ultimate team player”. His infectious positivity has had a huge impact on our culture, and his empathetic and supportive nature has helped us maintain a happy and successful team. He is an irreplicable member of the team, there isn’t a soul in the office that hasn’t been positively affected by his leadership! No wonder you got such a huge roar of applause for winning this award, Andy – we can’t think of a more deserving winner.

More Awards:

Our team was challenged with the theme “Year 10 formal”, and despite kings losing queens to Covid, outfits running late in the post, and difficulties fitting into original dresses, we all managed to look fabulous on the night, making for some pretty amazing photos! Although everyone put in lots of effort there were 2 standout outfits that deserved a special mention:

Best dressed – Mads Quinn (aka Keith)

Greatest throwback – Fiona Grimmer

Below are a few select snaps from the event, and to see the full album of pics please check out our FACEBOOK PAGE.

Thank you again to everyone for making the evening so special!