Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea Bake-off

We were very excited to once again host morning tea as part of the Cancer Council Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. 
The Biggest Morning Tea is a National event which helps to raise essential funds for people who have been impacted by cancer, and has been a staple on the H1 calendar for years! 

As with so many in our community,  a number of our team members have been touched by cancer, either personally or through dear friends and family, It was a very emotional and special morning.

HorizonOne are long term recruitment partners of the Cancer Council ACT, and we were very lucky to welcome Sam and Megan from the Cancer Council office to our event.

So far we have raised almost $2,000. You can join us in supporting the Cancer Council and help reach fundraising targets by donating here.

A huge thank you to our Culture Club for organising this fantastic event.

Ready, Steady, Cook!

A bit of healthy competition went a long way in our annual bake-off, with contestants pulling out all the stops to make a good impression on the judges.

Thank you to Sam from the Cancer Council ACT, Alan Larby, Bella Jakubiak and Catherine Stamatis for your professional taste-testing skills and judging prowess. 


Tian Roberts created a sponge cake layered with home made raspberry jam and lemon curd, covered with beautifully decorated buttercream, and garnished with home made raspberry macarons. The techniques were extremely complicated, and the execution deceptively simple and elegant. Flavours were balanced to perfection, sweet and tart danced together on the tongue perfectly. A+ for effort, flavour, aroma, and visual appeal. Congrats Tian!


As last year’s winner, Sarah Fowler had a reputation to live up to. This year, her entry of a Malteser cream malt pie did not disappoint! The filling’s texture was sumptuous and velvety, perfectly balanced with the crunch of Maltesers. Sarah is the lead recruiter for the Cancer Council ACT and really got in the spirit, making extra treats on top of her bake-off entry, including freshly baked scones and milo balls. Thank you Sarah!


Tabatha Gallaway is a self confessed novice, she has never baked a cake in her adult life! Looks can be deceiving, and although her Golden Gaytime cake wasn’t the prettiest entry, it delivered on flavour and aroma. Well done Tabs! Keep practicing your baking skills, the office will be glad to taste test more of your creations.


Kayla Kincksman is a self taught baker who honed her skills during lockdown, and the practice really paid off as she mastered a technically complex croque en bouche with profiteroles, crème pâtissière and spun sugar (not for the faint hearted) . Her secret to perfect choux pastry is to really cook it out, more than you think, until it starts sticking to the bottom of the pan.

David Harrington heard whispers that the judges were chocolate fans, and being the competitive character he is, decided to go all out with a multi layered chocolate cake, filled and topped with chocolate buttercream, and decorated with Maltesers… and a hint of coffee liqueur rounded out the triple chocolate explosion perfectly.


Thank you to the rest of the non-competing team members who contributed even more delicious food to our morning tea. There’s so much deliciousness, we’ll be eating cakes for a week!

Sarah Tamasi – Petit sandwiches

Emma Wentworth – Triple choc brownies

Bella Jakubiak – Wattleseed and salted caramel cupcakes

Catherine Stamatis – Greek honey cake

Melissa Frazer – Fairy bread

Fiona Grimmer – Mum’s famous pavlova*

*cooked by Mamma Grimms, delivered by Fiona