Canberra’s Best Autumn Treescapes

They say change is as good as a holiday, so why not spend some time exploring change in your own backyard? This month is arguably the most beautiful in Canberra, as our abundance of trees see their leaves turn shades of gold, amber and tan.

My partner and I love going for long walks and exploring photo opportunities, so I’ve compiled a list of my favourite places to see our turning trees in all their autumn glory. The mornings are starting to get crisp and cool, but daytimes are still lovely and warm – so we are making the most of the outdoors before the big chill sets in.

Best treelined streets

Anywhere in Yarralumla is magnificent, with tree lined boulevards making the perfect short walk or drive to see the autumn colours.

You can also find beautiful streets in many of Canberra’s older suburbs, where trees were planted at a time when grand American deciduous trees were very trendy.

Try Ainslie (Piper Street or Davenport Street), Turner (Condamine Street), O’Connor (Miller Street), Deakin (Strickland Crescent), or Kingston (Kennedy Street and Leichhardt Street).

To make it even easier to find a spot near you, ACT Government have an interactive map.

Photo credit: Scott Leggo

Torrens Street, Braddon

You’ll forgive me for being a bit biased here but one of my favourite places to enjoy autumn is one I get to see every day! Our office is located on Torrens Street in Braddon and it’s such a pleasure to drive to work through the trees or take a walk at lunchtime to watch the foliage turn a little bit every day.

View from H1 office in Braddon



Best view

Hands down, I love the view from Mount Ainslie, looking down towards the lake. The top-down outlook lets you see a kaleidoscope of colours and there are multiple ways to reach the lookout. Choose between the beautiful (but steep!) hike or enjoy a leisurely drive up the mountain.

Take the Kokoda track to the top

Drive to the lookout carpark

Best picnic spot

Lennox Gardens on the lake is just gorgeous. The water gives a lovely serene vibe which makes it a perfect spot for a relaxing picnic or BBQ. There is also a really great playground nearby if you have kids.

H1 family enjoying the leaves!




Best walk or bike ride

The bridge to bridge circuit around Lake Burley Griffin is a Canberra institution, especially at sunset with stunning reflections on the water. It’s my favourite place to “walk and talk”, catching up with girlfriends, especially with the recent opening of NGA’s 4th National Indigenous Art Triennial: Ceremony, where art is showcased on the actual lake (check out Robert Fielding’s abandoned car).

You’d think it can’t get any better… and then bam! In come the Autumn leaves, and it’s just magic.

Photo credit: Scott Leggo

Best places to enjoy lunch with a view

I’m a massive foodie, and a sucker for lunch with a view. Some of my favourite places to dine, drink, and soak in the autumnal treescapes are: Trecento, Arboretum, NGA, Boat House, Walt and Burley, Snapper on the Lake, Pialligo, and Waters Edge.

And since the city is painted orange, I’m using the opportunity to explore orange wines (white wine fermented on skins). My favourite place to sample organic, unfiltered, orange and boutique wines is Paranormal Wines in Campbell.

Wherever you are

Sometimes, the best spot is wherever you’re standing right now. Turning trees are all over Canberra, and all I have to do is take a moment to look out my kitchen window or remember to look up to enjoy a beautiful view.

We live in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, and autumn is a great reminder to stop, appreciate nature, and enjoy the fabulous place we live.

Mel Swann
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HorizonOne Recruitment

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