A Collection Of Our Favourite Recruitment Memes

It’s been another tough year, so we thought our last article of 2021 should include all of our favourite recruitment and workplace related memes.

Monday mood

And Tuesday usually follows Monday

And all of a sudden it’s Wednesday

By the time Thursday rolls around, we’ve lost our “zest”

And by Friday, we’ve lost patience and can’t wait to go home.

But life as a recruiter is always interesting.

In reality, recruitment is kind of like…

And in this kind of market, it’s a candidate’s choice.

Which usually means we have to take this approach…

We’ve embraced smart casual, but apparently, the dress code still matters.

And even though we’ve adopted new systems, we’re still working with the old ones.

And to sum up life in 2020-21…

And given the weather has warmed up, we’re going to leave you with this joyful image.