Our Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2020!

Top 10 Blogs of 2020
Well, what a year 2020 was! We helped over 500 people into new jobs, conducted 1,200 candidate interviews, and welcomed 5 new people to our growing team! We had over 51,000 views on our 38 published blogs with 15 different authors publishing content.

So let’s recap our most read blogs in 2020 with a top 10 most popular list!

#10 – Feeling Uninspired? 3 Tell Tale Signs it’s Time for a Change

Just a few months ago, as restrictions started to ease and people started to get back into a routine of going to work, Liz took us through the top three signs it’s time to make a career change. What are the signs? And how do you know it’s not just a touch of the Monday blues? Find out what the signs are, and if you’re thinking of making a change in 2021, get in touch.

#9 – Ever Been Ghosted by a Recruiter? Here’s What You Should Do

Previously, Sarah told us that recruiters are no strangers to being ghosted. But what should you do if your recruiter ghosts you? Is this something you should accept, or should you quickly make tracks and find a better one? We talk about how recruiters should act, and what you can do if it happens to you.

#8 – 5 Lessons Being a Golf Pro Taught Me About Recruitment

You may not know this, but Alan was a golf pro before being a recruitment consultant. While he no longer plays professionally, those years have definitely impacted how he approaches work and life now. Alan talks about lessons he learnt, and how they translate to being a better recruiter.

#7 – How I’m Managing Life and Work in 2020: Big Challenges and Big Wins

2020 certainly threw a spanner into the works. As the pandemic took hold, and our team scrambled to get our makeshift home offices set up, we spoke to the team about how their managing life and work in a series. Andy focused on getting the team set up while adjusting to his own personal life working alongside his wife and 1 year old son. In this series, we also spoke to Lucas, Kate, Fiona, and Lyndal.

#6 – Australia’s Skilled Talent Shortage Persists Despite Economy

From a recruitment perspective, in Canberra and across the nation, neither the pandemic nor the economic downturn slowed the requirement for skilled candidates. David debunks the myth that more skilled candidates were available on the market during the lockdown, and explains why retaining skilled staff is a strategic move.

#5 – The Silent Career Killer

According to Simon, low career emotional intelligence leads to unrealistic expectations and is the career killer of many candidates with great potential. But how do you know if your expectations are unrealistic? Take a self-assessment, and look at it from your employer’s point of view. We also provide some tips on how to change your mindset.

#4 – Virtual Assessment Centres for Bulk Recruitment

2020 was the year of doing things differently, and bulk recruitment rounds for government were no exception. For our Scribing and Campaigns team, one of the most exciting changes has been the increased acceptance of virtual assessment centres. We explain how going digital meant that clients saved time, group activities could be done with ease, and proved that virtual interviews work. While it’s not for everyone, we hope that clients will be able to take a hybrid approach in the future.

#3 – Everything You Need to Know About Being a Scribe

Scribing is certainly an attractive semi-retirement work option for many, promising benefits like true work-life balance. But what are some of the key things that makes a successful scribe? Melissa talks about what a scribe actually does (it’s more than taking notes in an interview!), how scribing for H1 works, and other benefits of being a scribe (with some reality thrown in).

#2 – JAS-ANZ Staff Share What It’s Like to Work at the Forefront of Industry Accreditation

Did you know we can provide additional marketing as part of our recruitment campaigns for clients, such as blogs? This is especially useful if the candidates you’re targeting don’t really know what it is your organisation does, or what the role will actually involve. Contact fiona@horizonone.com.au to find out more about how blogs and videos can increase the quality of candidates.

#1 – The Big 4 Employee Learning Styles and Why You Should Know Them

Coming in at #1 in 2020 was from Andy, fuelled by his teaching background and the need to onboard new staff. One size does not fit all when it comes to employee learning styles, especially during the all important onboarding period. What are these learning styles, and how can you adjust the information you’re providing so your employees can easily take it on? Read more to find out.

Other Popular Articles

Other popular blogs that have made the rounds during 2020 include:

What? Why? Who? All Your Security Clearance Questions Answered – we made it easy for candidates to find more information on what security clearances are, why they would need them, and how to get one.

When a Recruiter Calls…Do’s and Don’ts – when you’re on the market looking for a new role, you may get a call from a recruiter. Here’s how to make a good first impression and get the most out of that conversation.