Supporting Local Charities with a Fundraiser Event

The team
2020 has certainly had its ups and downs, especially for local charity organisations that rely on events for their fundraising. A study by Hands Across Canberra demonstrated that 97% of community sector organisations have been impacted by the pandemic, with 83% stating their fundraising abilities have been severely impacted.

And so, to help spread some good in our Canberra community, we held a special fundraising event in lieu of our annual client Christmas party.

We selected three charities to support for our Fundraiser Event: Cancer Council ACT, Pegasus Riding for the Disabled, and Mental Illness Education ACT. These not-for-profit organisations do so much to support our local community, and we wanted to help raise some funds and have a positive impact.

We raised just under $15,000!

The event was well attended, and we were able to present cheques to the CEO from each charity on the day.

Cancer Council ACT

Amanda Fintan, Fundraising Manager Cancer Council ACT, David Harrington, Director HorizonOne Recruitment, Sandra Turner, CEO Cancer Council ACT

CEO of Cancer Council ACT, Sandra Turner, and Amanda Fintan, Fundraising and Marketing Manager, attended the Fundraiser Event.

The Cancer Council ACT aims to promote a healthier community by reducing the incidence and impact of cancer in the ACT region. The Council depends largely on the generosity of the ACT and surrounding community providing donations and supporting fundraising initiatives. Their vision is a cancer free future, helping to reduce the physical, emotional and financial burden of cancer on the lives of all Australians.

HorizonOne are glad to be able to raise funds that will go towards assisting local Canberrans in the prevention and education of cancer, as well as assisting families living with cancer.

“It’s an amazing result and we are so grateful to receive everyone’s donations – and all done in the spirit of the event! Best wishes for Christmas and thanks again for everyone’s support.” – Sandra Turner, CEO Cancer Council ACT

Pegasus Riding for the Disabled

Pegasus Cheque PresentationMatt Watson, Executive General Manager Pegasus Riding for the Disabled, Fiona Grimmer, Marketing Manager HorizonOne Recruitment

One of Canberra’s oldest local charities, Pegasus takes great pride in delivering non-invasive social and therapeutic horse facilitated programs and activities to people living with a disability in Canberra and the local region. The programs help with coordination, balance, muscle development and fitness, confidence, communication skills, leadership and trust.

HorizonOne are pleased to raise funds for Pegasus, especially as we usually participate in the Pegasus Open Day, which was just one of many events cancelled due to the pandemic.

“What a great afternoon and an amazing fundraising event. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next year. Thank you once again and from all of us here have a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday season.” – Matt Watson, Executive General Manager Pegasus Riding for the Disabled

Mental Illness Education ACT

Heidi Prowse, CEO Mental Illness Education ACT, Andy Batstone, General Manager Recruitment Operations HorizonOne Recruitment

Mental Illness Education ACT creates a safe space for mental health education. MIEACT is the leading local provider of evidence-informed programs, lived experience stories, increasing mental health literacy, promoting early intervention and addressing stigma to empower people to seek help early.

In addition to overarching mental health workshops, MIEACT’s programs cover topics including stress, body image, PTSD, bullying prevention, communicating and hearing stories safely, and ensure participants leave not only with an increased knowledge of mental health, but practical tools to manage, support and practice positive help-seeking behaviours.

2020 highlighted the need to promote mental health in the workplace, and so HorizonOne wanted to support a local charity that helps businesses implement mental health initiatives for their employees.

“At MIEACT we want mental health education to be accessible for all Canberrans. During 2020, with challenge after challenge, donations have enabled us to deliver free programs to frontline community service workers who have not stopped this year! HorizonOne’s support will ensure that can continue this into 2021. We are so grateful to be involved and thanks to everyone who took on water bomb or a cream pie on.” – Heidi Prowse, CEO Mental Illness Education ACT

Getting into the festive spirit

We collected donations via our Fundraiser web page, and for every $50 donated, one of our team stood in the water balloon firing line.

And for organisations that donated $250 and over, our H1 leaders, Simon Cox, David Harrington, and Andy Batstone, were willing to take a freshly whipped cream pie (with toppings!) to the face.

With thanks

A huge thank you to our clients, candidates, family, friends, and the Canberra community for making such generous donations and helping us raise funds and awareness for three incredible local charities.

View our charity fundraiser video:

View our charity fundraiser event video