Feeling Uninspired? 3 Tell Tale Signs it’s Time for a Change

It’s Sunday evening and you can already feel that dreaded sensation in the pit of your stomach. You know what’s coming. It’s. Monday. Tomorrow.

According to several new studies, the “Monday blues” are an actual phenomenon. One study from the Lehigh University’s College of Business found the letdown people feel when returning to work after the weekend actually affects supply chain performance!

Another Swedish study which tracked hospital admissions for heart attacks over a 7 year period found most heart attacks happen on Mondays.

Job site Monster also ran a poll that found as many as 76% of people feel “anticipatory anxiety” on Sunday night when thinking about having to go to work the next day.

But how do you know if what you’re feeling is just a touch of the Monday blues, or a definite sign that it’s time to move on from your current job?

Here are 3 tell-tale signs that you’re ready for a change…

Sign # 1: You feel stagnant in your job

It can take 6 to 12 months to really learn the ropes in a new job and settle into a good routine. However, if you’ve been doing the same work day in and day out for what feels like an eternity – and there are no opportunities on the horizon to grow or develop your skills – it might be time to take the next step in your career.

Before committing to leave though, try to speak with your team lead or boss and let them know how you’re feeling. Ask if there are new things you can learn, or projects you could get involved in.

Especially if you enjoy the culture in your workplace, you’ll probably want to maximise your time there by extracting every opportunity available to you.

Sign # 2: The work itself does not inspire you

Even though many of us have mixed feelings about Monday mornings, we usually feel invigorated and alive once we jump in and start working. So if your days are filled with clock watching and deep sighs, it’s a definite sign that you should either look for a new job or contemplate a complete career change.

If there’s something you can see in your workplace that would excite you to be involved in, reach out and ask. Also talk to your manager and let them know that you’re keen to try new things. There may be something you could do that you didn’t even know existed in the organisation.

Otherwise, consider looking at starting a new course in something that excites you. It could lead to new career opportunities in a field you really enjoy.

Sign # 3: You’ve hit a ceiling

Sometimes people feel they have hit a ceiling because of the limited opportunities to progress after reaching a certain level in their organisation.

For example, you may be an EL1 in the public service and can see there won’t be an opening for an EL2 for some time.

If you know you’re ready and are driven to achieve a promotion, you may have to change roles to get it.

You could:

  • Apply for a secondment
  • Seek a promotion by applying for higher roles in a different area
  • Apply for higher level roles in a new organisation or department
  • Consider contracting

No matter what you decide, it’s important to be candid with your boss and let them know how you’re feeling or that you intend to leave. Canberra is a small place and no manager wants to be blindsided. You also want to keep a good reputation and make sure you have a good reference when you move on.

If you want to engage with a recruiter to find your next role, do some research to find one who specialises in your area of expertise or who you feel resonates with you.

Try not to pimp yourself out by sending your CV to dozens of recruiters, as you may be inundated with misfit opportunities and lose track of which recruiter is representing you for which role. Limit yourself to 1 or 2 good-fit recruiters who will actively seek out roles that align with your aspirations.

Making the decision to move on from a job is never easy. But if you’re feeling constantly unhappy and aren’t being stretched personally or professionally, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and explore something new.