Building Stronger Teams & Increasing Workplace Gains

Boot camp attendees
Life changed unimaginably for most Australians in early 2020. And regardless of whether we’re 24 or 74, most of us have never experienced anything remotely like it (pun intended!).

But while there has definitely been a huge sense of comradery and team spirit, each of us has had to adjust to remote-working life in our own way. And then some months later, we found ourselves returning to the office, which came with another adjustment. We had to overhaul our routines once more.


We found ourselves talking a lot about how we had been feeling a bit… blah both physically and mentally. Being in close proximity to our fridges and pantries while working from home definitely left us with some isolation padding, and we were keen to do something about it. Returning to work healthy and happy was a priority for all of us.

We brainstormed ideas over Zoom meetings and in the office kitchen about how we could kick start a health boost. The idea of a boot camp came up more than once. Fiona and Kate came up with a plan to pitch the concept to the Directors, Simon and David. HorizonOne were generous enough to cover the cost of the boot camp as part of our health and wellbeing program.

4 weeks ago, we started the 8 week boot camp challenge. It’s started us on a journey get our pre-quarantine bodies and minds back.


The World Health Organisation recommends exercising for about 30 minutes per day. But with work, home and family commitments, it’s easy to understand why for some people, 30 minutes per day seems like an impossibility. It was even more impossible during the lockdown with gyms being closed and concerns about going outside and being close to others.

It’s been proven that exercise reduces negative health risks including heart disease and high cholesterol. Exercise increases energy levels, brain health and endorphins.

Endorphins make you happy

The nature of working in an office often keeps workers sedentary, and a lot of the time, employers don’t always encourage their people to take part in physical activity.

A fit and healthy workplace is actually a valuable asset, particularly for group exercise like a boot camp. Fresh air combined with getting your heart rate up can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and help you feel more positive and energised. This can lead to improved health and wellbeing of employees, meaning less sick days and higher productivity levels.

From a business and employer branding perspective, health initiatives help attract top talent and encourage loyalty among workers, contributing to a positive workplace culture.


A lot of us approached the boot camp with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. We were looking forward to getting moving but weren’t too sure what to expect. Our boot camp instructor was able to adjust the exercises to different skill levels while ensuring we get a lot out of each session.

The weekly boot camp sessions have been a good excuse to get the body moving during the day. It’s also been a good opportunity to break our usual routines and socially exercise as a team.

That's so fetch

For Simon and David, it was a chance to implement a healthy workplace initiative as part of our health and wellbeing program, as well as see the team achieve fitness goals and contribute to the overall wellbeing of the office.

All in all, it’s a positive experience and we’re excited to complete our 8 weeks soon, with plans in the mix to continue with our weekly session in a rolling boot camp program.


We’re halfway through this 8 week challenge, so if you’re chatting to one of us, ask us how it’s going and give us some encouragement for the next 4 weeks.