How I’m Managing Life and Work in 2020: It’s a Smoosh!

Managing life and work in 2020
Life has changed unimaginably in the past couple of months, and most Australians – regardless of whether we’re 24 or 74 – have never experienced anything remotely like it (pun intended).
It’s been an interesting adjustment for us here at HorizonOne; not without challenges, but definitely with a huge sense of comradery and team spirit. Many of our clients have also made the transition to remote working, and we continue to support them with innovative marketing, screening and interviewing practices.

On the frontline, everyone in our team has faced their own unique challenges along the way. So we thought we’d share some of our stories of transition, because we’re all in this together and sometimes it helps to know someone else is going through what you’re going through!

I was on my honeymoon in Thailand when Australia was preparing to lock down, and am now quarantining at home with my new hubby. I was one of those struggling to get a flight out, and unfortunately had to cut my planned 6 week honeymoon wayyyy short…

An amazing wedding day

Our actual wedding day was awesome. We’d spent 2 years planning for it because we wanted to have it on Koh Samui, Thailand, and needed to give family and friends plenty of notice.

We left Australia on March 1 for a pre-wedding relax on Koh Phangan before everyone started to arrive. Adrian (my new husband) is English, so we had lots of guests come from England.

The wedding was on March 12 and it was a beautiful day. You wouldn’t have known anything was going on – it was so peaceful. But everyone kept receiving texts from people back home asking when they were leaving because they’d heard the borders may close.


4 days, 5 nights

We decided to stay as long as we could because we were safe on the island, cut off from the world and not interacting with anyone.

Our guests started to leave and we managed to get in 4 days and 5 nights of relaxation and snorkelling before we found out Malaysia had closed its borders and that was our way home.

Coming home

Getting back to Australia was a nightmare. There was so much misinformation, we basically had to go straight to Koh Samui airport and demand a flight home. Singapore airport was closing, Singapore airlines weren’t running their usual flights – it was really stressful.

In the end we managed to get out and arrived back on March 24. We made it back before they introduced the new hotel quarantine measures, so we’ve been lucky to be able to quarantine at home.

Our neighbour has been wonderful and bought us groceries, and Fi brought me my laptop and monitor after I decided to cut my leave short and start back at work.

Life in quarantine

Despite the fact that I should be swimming with sea cows right now, quarantine isn’t too bad. Adrian and I have lived together for 3 years, so we’re used to being in each other’s pockets. But normally we like to go out and it’s weird that we can’t.

He’s also working from home and so far we haven’t had phone meetings at the same time which is good as we live in an apartment!

My biggest challenge

Personally I find remote working OK as I study as well, so I’m used to sitting at the dining table typing for hours.

But I do miss the office environment and the energy different people bring. Fi and I catch up on Microsoft Teams every day, and call others in the team to see how they are doing.

My 2 cents…

There seems to be a lot of articles on LinkedIn about how working from home boosts productivity, and how to “get it right”. And I think this puts too much pressure on people to perform while working at home.

I want everyone to remember that it’s OK to take time out. It’s OK if kids are screaming in the background. It’s OK if the house looks a little crazy and you have to take a meeting on the balcony.

Every day I would use the evening commute to mentally transition from work to home. Now work is home, so it’s all a bit of a smoosh. A work/life smoosh. But it’s fine.

As for my honeymoon…

I’m already planning our next trip!