Top 10 Most Popular Articles From 2019

HorizonOne Top 10 Most Popular Articles From 2019
Well, what a year that was! Our team made 463 placements, conducted 860 candidate interviews, and welcomed 6 new people to our growing team! We had over 50,000 views on our 61 published blogs with 15 different authors publishing content.

So let’s recap our most read blogs in 2019 with a top 10 most popular list!

#10. 5 Embarrassing Questions You Should Never Ask in an Interview (+2 Bonus Tips)

Just a few months ago, Sarah took us through the top five most embarrassing questions candidates ask in interviews. These questions can ruin your great first impression. Find out what these questions are, plus we’ve given you some questions you can use and two extra bonus tips.

#9. 9 Powerful Tips for Contracting Through a Recruitment Agency

Coming in at number nine are our nine best tips for contracting through a recruiter. We take you through the ins and outs of finding the right agency and consultant, how to prepare for a contract role and how to align your contract to your overall career goals.

#8. 3 Months On: My Light Rail Experience

If you’re like Tammy and catch the light rail to and from work every day, chances are her experience is your experience. Tammy discusses the trials and tribulations of catching the light rail, as well as celebrating the positive aspects.

#7. How the Upcoming Election Affects the Canberra Jobs Market

We headed to the polls in May 2019, with the Liberal party being voted in. David spoke about the caretaker period, the booming private industry jobs market and what fallout could be expected from an election.

We’re currently experiencing a period of uncertainty for public service job security with the Prime Minister’s recent announcement to amalgamate several departments. Make sure to keep an eye out as HorizonOne will discuss this and more in next year’s blogs!

#6. Ghosting Your Recruiter: WTF?!

It happens on Tinder, it happens at the bar, and it happens to recruiters. Consultants are no strangers to being ghosted by candidates. We delve into some of the reasons why this happens and what the psychologists say. Sarah tells us of her own experience with being ghosted (by candidates).

#5. Do You Have a Secret Summer Spot in Canberra?

A highly relevant blog post right now, members of the HorizonOne team divulge their secret summer spots. You might catch David at Yerrabi Pond, Andy at the Old Canberra Inn, Lucas at Sonoma Bakery and Tammy at Casuarina Sands over the 2019/20 summer.

#4. Undressing the Dress Code in Today’s Workplace

From mandated below-the-knee length skirts in the 1950s to 2010s casual Friday (read: jeans and thongs), what’s acceptable attire in the workplace? Lucas gives you three tips for dressing in the modern workplace.

#3. What’s Happening in Canberra’s Job Market 2019? HorizonOne’s Bi-annual Review

Earlier this year, Simon discussed his predictions for the Canberra job market in 2019. He covered regional trends and industry, government economic figures that can contribute to the job market as well as areas where there are talent shortages.

Keep an eye out for Simon’s next review, expected to land on our website in the first quarter of 2020.

#2. Expectations vs Reality: Canberra Edition

Andy, our resident pom, talks about the differences between what outsiders think of Canberra compared to his lived experience. What makes you an official Canberran? We took an office poll, and the results are in: if you can live through a Canberra winter, you’re one of us.

#1. What? Why? Who? All Your Security Questions Answered

This blog was an absolute hit – and why not? Canberra is known for being a public service town. We place a lot of candidates into the Australian Public Service who are new to the APS or are looking to get into the APS.

In this blog, we answer the most common questions for all things related to security clearances, including what the process is, how long it takes and the types of clearances.