People vs AI: Is Recruitment at Risk?

People vs AI

Automation powered by artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise, with people in all industries questioning their relevance as we head into the next decade of tech advancement.  

We see it ourselves in recruitment every day – clever new systems and bots continue to transform the landscape, and prove their ability to manage administrative tasks faster and more effectively than we mere mortals ever could.

But just as there are activities that bots will always be able to do better than us, we will forever outshine them in one crucial area…humanity!

At HorizonOne we embrace AI and smart tech, leveraging it to take the hack work out of recruitment. We’re happy to pass off activities such as pre-screening large amounts of data, answering frequently asked questions, and performing low-risk administrative work, because it frees up our consultants’ time to focus on what really matters: talking to our candidates and consulting with our clients.

As Greg Savage so delicately put it:

“Any task that takes no time to think about, will be automated.”

Judgement and creativity can never be automated. And nowhere are these more important than in getting to know and understand people, which is vital to effective recruitment.

Searching for the perfect match on paper

Staff turnover costs organisations precious time and money. This is why it’s imperative to hire people who not only match the skillsets you’re seeking, but are also the right fit for your team and company culture.

Matching a set of requirements against a well-crafted resume is unlikely to be an accurate reflection of a person’s character and suitability for a role. But an in-person interview lets you go beyond the basics and deep dive into what actually makes that person tick. You get a true sense of their suitability and a rich picture of how their skills fit the unique requirements of the role.

The same works in reverse too. A high performer may never think to look twice at a role that doesn’t perfectly align with their level of experience or motivations. However, a recruitment consultant who has a relationship with that candidate, and who has pulled apart the details of a job to understand what’s really on offer from their client, can help the candidate see it from a new perspective.

Only a human can get to know a human, and it’s at this deeper level that you can move beyond what looks good on paper and find people who are the right culture fit.

The value of transferrable skills

In a skills shortage market, who do you seek when no one has the specific skills that you need?

You have to think outside the box, and this something AI is really bad at – no matter how “deep” the learning goes.

A recruitment consultant who meets their candidate, conducts a psychometric assessment and gets to the heart of the job seeker’s career goals, can draw lineages between their needs and the needs of a client in a potentially completely unrelated industry.

Every day at HorizonOne we recognise opportunities to apply transferrable skills to new vacancies that have so far failed to attract suitable applicants via simple skills matching. Urging our candidates to “give it a go”, we’re thrilled to receive positive feedback from both the candidate and the client who end up being the perfect match.

We are always evaluating how we add value to our clients’ businesses and our candidates’ lives. And we appreciate that automation frees up time so we can deliver more of our core values, which can never be found in a simple admin system or process.

It’s that ability to influence and solve problems, particularly for roles that aren’t so cut and dry, that makes a real difference. This is something that can never be replicated by bots, and why recruiters offering value add consulting should not be afraid of automation. Embrace it!