Candidate Feedback Helps To Keep The Magic Alive

In line with our Share Success Maximise Impact value, HorizonOne offers our candidates the chance to provide their feedback on our services, good or bad, and in return, we donate funds to a chosen charity for each response we receive.

The chosen charity for the last quarter was Pegasus Riding for the Disabled ACT and HorizonOne is proud to announce that, with the help of our Candidates, we’ve donated $500 to this great cause. 

“This donation will help to keep the Pegasus magic alive and ensure that children living with a disability in our local area, and their families, can continue to benefit from all of Pegasus’ therapeutic programs and activities” – Anna Collins, Fundraising Manager at Pegasus.

HorizonOne would like to thank all candidates who took the time to provide their feedback, not only for assisting us to improve our services but also for helping to make a difference within the Canberra community.

The chosen charity for this quarter is headspace who offer vital support for people aged 12 to 25 in need of help with mental health, physical health, alcohol and drugs, as well as work and study support. You can read more about headspace and the services they offer here.

If you haven’t completed your survey yet and want to take part, it’s not too late, complete your survey now to help us improve our services and give back.

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