Save Time and Money with Bulk Scribing Work Orders

Save Time and Money with Bulk Scribing Work Orders. HorizonOne and Federal Government Departments are taking an innovative approach to their scribing and campaign procurement needs.

In an effort to make life easier and save valuable time and money, a number of federal government departments have taken the initiative and cut the red tape from their scribing processes.

Traditionally when a department needs a scribe, they will go to market to request 3 quotes. Every. Single. Time.

With some departments requiring upwards of 100 scribes each year, that’s a lot of resources dedicated to:

  • putting together the individual RFQ
  • evaluating the responses
  • selecting a provider
  • creating a work order
  • arranging the scribe
  • sending the required documents

This year however, we were floored by the ingenuity of departments who took a proactive and streamlined approach by putting out 1 RFQ to a number of recruitment agencies for their total estimated scribing needs for the year ahead.

A Recruitment Manager explains why they made the change…

“The time saved in not having to go out and scope available services, engage and request quotes, evaluate on value for money and prepare procurement every time we needed a scribe (which is often). 

It’s given us flexibility and assurance. We provided all our documentation to 1 supplier which results in a very consistent scribing approach. We generally receive the same scribes, so we don’t have to retrain every time we undertake a process. It also benefits our selection committees as they understand and know our business. 

We achieve more timely outcomes, high quality consistent selection reports, and a better overall experience for the candidate and selection panel because we have partnered with an agency for the longer term not just on a one-off basis. 

For any HR department considering the change, I would chat with your procurement area about what’s possible to save time for the business and get a consistent scribing approach.” 

Recruitment Manager in a federal government agency 

Our Scribing and Campaigns Senior Consultant, Madeline Quinn, explains how these departments’ new way of approaching scribing works well for all.

“We understand how time consuming the process is for our clients and it’s also extremely resource intensive at our end. We sometimes end up quoting for ad hoc projects up to 3 times due to variations in the numbers of interviews, and other factors.  

This new approach enables closer partnerships with our clients, and we can dedicate more time to maintaining our high-quality standards and delivering consistency in reporting across the agency.”