Long Service Leave? But Isn’t it Your Business?!!

So it’s finally happening this week.  After eleven and a half years I am taking a healthy chunk of time away from work to spend with my family.  I won’t lie, I am pretty bloody excited.

After another EPIC, busy year with HorizonOne, I have only recently started to get organised and that includes letting people know that I won’t be around for a couple of months.

But it is this reaction I get from many people that is surprising.  It goes like this:

Simon:  “I am going on long service leave next month. Two months off, I can’t wait!”

Barry or Sally:  after a long pause and strange look….  “Long service leave? From your own business? Is that a thing?”

As in surely, you can’t do that?  The look I get is a mixture of confusion, and a fair dose of “ahaw c’mon mate, fair suck of the sauce bottle!  You can’t do that!”.

I am not particularly precious, but this response does grate a bit.  , Do they think it is double dipping?  Are they missing out or something?

But in a strange way, they are kind of right.  There have been very few opportunities in 11+ years where either David or I could have taken extended leave.  Such are the demands of a busy growing business.  So whilst this response is kind of annoying, I sort of get where they are coming from.

But if anyone deserves a break I reckon it is the business owners, the entrepreneurs, and the risk takers.  The leaders and the executives who have taken on the position of “the buck stops with me”.  The folk who day in day out, year in year out, have no option but to step up, or their business will flounder.

So this reaction shouldn’t be a thing.  These are the people that have earned the break as much or more than anyone.

For all the clients and candidates out there who work with HorizonOne and myself, things will be business as usual in the office.  The busy team of 18 will be there if you need them.

Whilst David and I are squeezing in an exciting fishing trip at the end of June, Dave will be back in July and in the meantime,  Andy Batstone (andy@horizonone.com.au or 6108 4878) will be managing all workflow.

Alan and Kristelle will ably assist anyone in need of Accounting and Finance specialists, and Andy will handle new Executive Search roles.

Lots of exciting things are also happening in the next couple of months.  Our scribing and campaigns team are finalists for an industry award, and hopefully HorizonOne will get another crack at a Telstra award.  We also just approved the super-cool design for a new, larger office in Braddon!

Exciting times ahead!  I look forward to coming back refreshed and raring to go in September.