From Contracting to Permanency – Highlighting Success

Alex Boughton & Sarah Tamasi - HorizonOne Recruitment

Since starting with HorizonOne on an initial 3-month contract, Alex Boughton has consistently proven herself a highly valued member of her department, seeing her awarded Contractor of the Month in March 2018 and recently nominated again for her continued contribution to the team.

We caught up with Alex to congratulate her on the recent step into a permanent position, and to ask Alex her top tips for making the most of being a contractor.

Alex began contracting with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) after being placed by Sarah Tamasi in September 2017. Initially engaged on a 3-month contract, she commented that this introduction into the department worked out well for her and was a fantastic entry point to the APS. This contract allowed her to get to know the department and gave her broad exposure to possible opportunities available to her in the future.

Alex’s top tip for anyone about to begin a short term contract is not to think of yourself as ‘just a short term employee’ or be intimidated being a contractor, instead really look at it as an opportunity to make an impression and gain valuable experience. Alex suggests immersing yourself into your role, networking with team members and ingraining yourself as a member of the team.

Alex’s other recommendations for contracting include:
  1. Budget!¬†Many contractors don’t receive sick or holiday leave which means you do need to be more careful and budget to allow for unexpected illnesses, upcoming public holidays or shutdown periods, as well as your own personal travel.
  2. As the end of your contract approaches be aware you may be given short notice on if your contract is not being extended and if it is, for how long. Alex suggests still looking at and asking about available options should your contract not be extended.
  3. Apply for roles you’re interested in. Even if you’re not successful, you may be placed on the Merit List which will help your chances with future opportunities.

Since 2017 Alex has remained a contractor through HorizonOne, with her contract extended multiple times. Her supervisors describe her as a dedicated person who has contributed strongly to the team and ultimately the department’s success in managing the disease risks posed by imported animal products. With an outstanding professional attitude and as a capable problem solver, Alex’s drive to succeed and friendly manner often inspires others in the team to perform at their best.

Recently commencing a permanent position in another area of DAWR, Alex said her experience as a contractor with HorizonOne has been fantastic, with friendly and supportive team members always on hand to help if there ever was an issue.

HorizonOne would like to congratulate Alex for being a shining example of how to excel in your career as a contractor while proving yourself a valuable long term team member.

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