Top 10 Most Popular Articles From 2018

Top 10 Most Popular Articles from 2018 from HorizonOne Recruitment in Canberra. Blog Advisory Career Advice Market Update Simon Cox David Harrington Fiona Grimmer
It was another huge year for HorizonOne Recruitment in 2018! We celebrated 10 years in business and had over 1 MILLION visitors to our website! Before we power into 2019, let’s revisit our top 10 most popular blog articles published in the last 12 months!

#10. Embracing Artificial Intelligence to Empower Recruitment

In July we undertook a complete overhaul of our internal systems, taking advantage of the latest AI technologies available to us, and David discussed the benefits and common fears surrounding the use of AI in the recruitment industry.

#9. Career Secrets: The Person in Control… is You!

Were you dreading returning to work after the Christmas break, unhappy and unsatisfied with your job? Now’s the perfect time to revisit our 3 simple ways you can take back control and make positive changes to your working life.

#8. What’s happening in Canberra’s Job Market? HorizonOne’s Bi-annual Review

Even in early in the year, 2018 was shaping up to be a huge year of recruitment activity. In order to prepare this in-depth market review, we looked at National Trends, the strength of the Canberra job market and what skills were in high demand. We also got our crystal ball out to predict the next Federal Election, do you remember our pick?

#7. It’s a Wrap! Inspiring Takeaways From This Year’s RCSA Conference

September saw Simon, David & Fiona travel to Noosa for the annual RSCA Conference, and we left full of new ideas and insights. Simon shared his top 4 takeways from the event including attracting and retaining top talent, the use of AI, creative problem solving, the needs of Next Gen employees and the rise of the Gig Economy.

#6. The Road Less Travelled

In the lead up to our 10 year anniversary celebration, Simon reflected on a decade of running a successful recruitment business in Canberra, why 2008 gave him some doubts about ever reaching this milestone, and what taking the road less travelled means for HorizonOne.

#5. A Leap of Faith

Also as a part of our milestone celebrations, David shared his experience of how a leap of faith led to an international move and the successful partnership you know today.

#4. When a Recruiter Calls… Do’s & Dont’s

We shared our best tips and tricks for nailing the first phone call from a recruiter, including the importance of checking your voicemail greeting and the top questions we’re likely to ask you, so you can be prepared with a standout answer!

#3. Help Build a Stronger Regional Australia

In October we partnered with the new government agency Regional Investment Corporation (RIC), located in beautiful Orange NSW, to highlight the perfect “tree change” opportunities available.  This highly successful recruitment campaign saw a huge amount of interest in the chance to join a government agency with a difference.

#2. Is This Australia’s Most Flexible Job? 

Working from home, choosing your own hours and a career in high demand caused a lot of interest in April when we sat down to talk to some of our valued Scribe Consultants. They shared how that level of flexibility is a reality for them, what they love about it, and why you should consider a career in scribing!

#1. Are you a CFO of the future?

In early 2018, HorizonOne partnered the Department of Education and Training as they entered a rebuilding phase for their finance team. This recruitment campaign highlighted the importance of considering all aspects about a potential opportunity including the culture, the team and working alongside a fantastic leader.

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