Year in Review: Cheers to our Scribing and Campaigns Management Team

Year in Review: Cheers to our Scribing and Campaigns Management Team
Our Scribing and Campaigns Management team have had their biggest year yet!
They have just passed the incredible milestone of 1000 scribing placements for this calendar year, worked on a suite of large graduate and bulk recruitment campaigns and managed our team of 60 scribe consultants across the country.

As we near the end of 2018, we want to celebrate some of the successes of our incredible staff here at HorizonOne. I sat down with Lyndal, Senior Manager Scribing and Campaigns Management, to find out what her team have been working on and what’s in store for next year.

What’s been your most exciting campaign this year?

I think the variety of clients has been the most exciting thing, in and of itself. We have worked on so many great campaigns across the past 12 months it’s too hard to choose just one!

We are currently working in partnership with the Regional Investment Corporation to engage their initial cohort of personnel who will predominantly be based in their headquarters in Orange.  HorizonOne were engaged to design and develop the marketing and attraction campaign for the initial 15 roles.  Our services also included refining position descriptions, developing interview questions for each role, shortlisting hundreds of applications, scheduling candidate interviews and providing full scribing and panel member services in both Orange and Canberra.  It is certainly very exciting to be involved in this fantastic government initiative.

We also worked closely with the newly established Australian Space Agency to run a bulk recruitment campaign which was really interesting. We facilitated the scribing process for the recruitment of a range of roles from APS to Executive Levels here in Canberra. Being able to help in the establishment of such an exciting and innovative agency was a great experience. You could say the experience was out of this world!

We worked with DFAT through organising scribes for almost 600 interviews. This was a huge undertaking and involved 8 scribes attending face to face interviews for almost three weeks and then drafting 100s of reports and including referee comments.  QAing these reports was a mammoth effort!

We’ve also worked with the Australian Communications and Media Authority, providing end to end services f or their 2019 Graduate Program and bulk recruitment processes with the Department of the Treasury, Department of Health, AFP, Austrade, the National Disability Insurance Commission …… and many more.

What does a campaign generally entail?

It really depends on the client’s needs. Occasionally they may only need us to organise scribes for interviews and to conduct reference checks. Other times they will need assistance managing and facilitating an entire campaign from end to end.

For example, we worked with the ACT Fire and Rescue for their latest recruit collage intake campaign. We began by meeting with them to find out exactly what they were looking for and where we could provide service.

We designed an online application form including a rundown of the step by step recruitment process that all applicants would be subject to. The applications were open for a few weeks and during that time we were the first point of contact, answering all enquiries from potential candidates. We then shortlisted applicants, and invited them to take part in the next stage of the process – aptitude testing – which we facilitated for around 500 people.

We designed the group exercises for the assessment centres, crafted interview questions, and organised scribes to assist with the interviews. This also includes physical aptitude testing for applicants who progressed to that stage which meant organising and scheduling for almost 200 people to take part in the physically demanding firies testing. Once we reached the final round, we organised our scribes to partake in an advisory capacity during interviews, and we collected all the mandatory certifications from the final candidates.

Lastly, we provided feedback to almost 300 hundred who were not successful but keen to improve for the next campaign.

We regularly run campaigns of this size, taking care of everything from initial advertising to finalising candidate placements.

It’s similar for graduate programs. We’ve run four or five this year – from providing scribes at interviews to designing, managing and facilitating the entire campaign locally and nationally. In some cases we’ve organised over 200 graduates to travel to Canberra for a graduate recruitment round.

How do you keep on top of everything?

I think part of it is because we work so well together as a team. We get on very well with each other both personally and professionally. We know what has to get done and we just get in and do it! We also value communication, both internally and externally, which I know our clients and our team of scribes really appreciate.

We partner with some great providers to make each process as efficient and cost effective as possible, particularly in terms of video interviewing and psychometric testing. We want to make sure that the right person lands the right role, so we don’t leave anything to chance. These technical tools give us confidence that we are able to ensure a fair and equal assessment of every candidate.

We also keep on top of what’s happening in the industry, this allows us to constantly improve and to ensure we are using best practice methods. We’re part of the Australian Association of Graduate Employers, so we attend forums and the annual conference to keep up to date with contemporary recruitment practices and the latest in the graduate space

What do you love most about what you do?

I love consulting with clients and working with them to meet their needs. Prior to this role I was in HR within the public service, and have now been in Scribing and Campaign Management for almost 15 years.

Every client has unique requirements, and being able to pinpoint what they are really looking for and helping them achieve it, is what continues to excite me.

What’s on the cards for next year?

We’ve gained a huge amount of momentum this year through word of mouth referrals and repeat business which keeps us very busy every day.

We’re also starting to see more interstate work, so that will likely increase next year too.

To keep up with this demand for our services, our team is also expanding. Our team of scribes has grown by over 20in the last 3 months and we are always on the lookout to welcome more, both in Canberra and interstate.

In the office we are also on the lookout for a new team member; ideally someone who is flexible, adaptable, confident liaising with clients and scribes, and has great attention to detail. It’s a really unique opportunity for an experienced administrator who is looking for the next step in a fast paced industry. They will be supporting the team and have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of challenging and interesting projects.

We’re always aware of the part we’re playing in people’s lives and careers, so we never want to miss an opportunity to find the right person for the right role.

*Breaking News* we have just heard we have been successful in winning the tender for the 2019 ACT Fire & Rescue Community Recruitment process!
Very exciting to be partnering with them once again in the very near future.