It’s a Wrap! Inspiring Takeaways From This Year’s RCSA Conference

It’s a Wrap! Top Takeaways From This Year’s Inspiring RCSA Conference
Last week we travelled to Noosa for the annual RCSA Conference, this year titled The Art of Work.

We’ve attended every year for the past four years, and it was as good this year as the first time we went. I remember after our first conference, we ended up with 25 pages of thoughts and innovations that could be implemented across HorizonOne. So it was no surprise that we left the 2018 conference with a suite of new ideas that we’re already starting to explore.

The Art of Work brought together many inspiring keynote speakers, such as:

  • Andrew Banks – Creative Ideas for a Brighter Future
  • Barry Asin – The Art of Leadership
  • Dr Jason Fox – Change the Game
  • Layne Beachley – The Art of Success
  • Greg Savage – Failing my way to Success
  • Plus many more

We attended open forums and networking opportunities, and had a ton of fun joining in the Bullhorn Bull Selfie Comp. This year we did a variation on last year’s design (which we won), by incorporating David in the sunset…

It’s a Wrap! Top Takeaways From This Year’s Inspiring RCSA Conference

It was a really energetic and insightful couple of days, with lots of fun moments (including this awesome dance by RCSA Chief Executive Charles Cameron!).


Most of all, it was an opportunity to look at the future of recruitment and work through a different lens, and think strategically about our leadership, services and approach moving forward.

Here are my top four takeaways from RCSA 2018…

1. The #1 Global pain point – Attracting and Retaining top talent

John Healy, Vice President and Managing Director of Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting Group for Kelly Services, spoke about ‘The art of staying ahead’.

In his speech, John said that after surveying CEOs, CFOs and CHROs across organisations in a diverse range of industries, the number one pain point was unanimous: a failure to attract and retain top talent.

As we move into the next generation of recruitment, spawned by rapidly changing technology and the needs of the next generation of leaders, sound strategies for addressing this challenge will be more than significant – they will be critical to survival.

2. AI is here to stay

Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities are increasing every moment, and leading to a definite decline in roles requiring repetitive task based work.  As progressive, contemporary recruiters we very much welcome the opportunity to streamline our busy lives with carefully applied, personalised AI tools.  Less admin, more consulting is an ideal fit for HorizonOne.

3. Creative problem solvers will rule the world

By 2020, the top 10 skills desired by employers will be:

  • Complex problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • People management
  • Coordinating with others
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Judgement and decision making
  • Service orientation
  • Negotiation skills
  • Cognitive flexibility

Highly specialised technical capabilities will also be in high demand. Facebook and Google have made headlines recently for their incredible million dollar sign-on bonuses, paid to graduates who possess scarce AI and IT talents (e.g. natural language processing)

However, money may not be enough to tempt this next generation of high performers, who are demanding roles that offer them something more than a pay cheque.

4. The needs of next gen employees

Topping the list of “must haves” for next gen workers is

  • connection to a higher purpose
  • choice of when and where they work.

This is followed by reduced commuting time, lifestyle amenities, health and wellness options, great coffee (really?), human interaction, a sustainable healthy workplace, and bulletproof connectivity.

Talented employees are demanding more flexibility and enjoyment in their work, which will need to be addressed by employers who are committed to retaining the best of the best.

5. The rise of the gig economy

Forget the scare campaigns you see from the Unions about job insecurity.

Ever increasing numbers of workers worldwide are abandoning traditional 9-5 permanent employment, in favour of independent contracts, direct or agency temporary work, and freelancing.  We are talking already more than 35% of the workforce in the USA and climbing!

And while workers want more flexibility and autonomy, organisations are also jumping on board the gig economy train – citing benefits such as agility, access to hyper-specialised talent, cost savings, and increasing productivity.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how this plays out in coming years, and whether legislation will rise up to meet organisational needs in this space.

Overall, we had a great time at the conference and look forward to putting some of our big ideas to good use over the coming months!

I’ll leave you with one more takeaway, which came from our industry ‘sage’ Greg Savage in his hilarious “Failing my way to success” keynote…

Shocking career advice I used to give:

1. Never give up!

Quote: “That is the single stupidest f*cking thing you could say to anyone. 

If you continuously fail at the same thing. Stop! Rethink, adapt, pivot, change and take a new direction.  Mental!”

2. Find your passion.

Quote: “No! Stop your navel gazing, get off your ass, get a job in an interesting space, work bloody hard, go the extra mile, get out there and your passion will find you!”


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