Embracing Artificial Intelligence to Empower Recruitment

Embracing Artificial Intelligence to Empower Recruitment
In an effort to streamline our processes, capitalise on the latest tech, and stay true to our dedication to innovation, HorizonOne has recently undertaken a complete overhaul of our internal recruitment system.

While our previous system was good, it didn’t have many of the cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of newer cloud-based systems. We also felt that it was important that our system provider had a focus on ongoing system updates and improvements, and understand the importance of continuing innovation.

We chose a leading recruitment platform that:

  • Makes recording information faster and simpler
  • Enables insightful reporting
  • Allows us to track and communicate with applicants easier
  • Automates many of the routine tasks in the recruitment lifecycle
  • Works across all mobile devices
  • Helps us seamlessly manage accounts

It also integrates with a number of partner technologies that make previously manual processes faster and easier.

Despite the unbelievable effort it has taken to ensure our new system is customised to meet our meticulous methods, and the massive transition moving away from something we have all been using for many years, we are excited to have implemented a system which allows us to stay at the forefront of recruitment technology.

Making such a huge change isn’t easy. But in order to remain competitive in an ever-changing world, it’s important to keep evolving.

Not every business (recruitment notwithstanding) feels this way though. Putting aside the “we like it the way we’ve always done it” argument, some business owners (and workers) often lament the capabilities of AI and worry about what it will mean to the future of their jobs and industry.

Fear of AI

I would never dispute that advancements in AI may one day lead to the end of certain jobs – particularly those that encompass a lot of repetitive task work.

But to have a fear of AI in general, and to say that it can replace most roles in most industries is a tremendous leap.

People have feared technical change since the industrial revolution. Some rightfully so, but more often than not, these technological advancements only serve to make our lives easier, and enable us to do our jobs faster and more efficiently.

Any role that requires human interaction, relationship building, creativity, and so on, should not fear what AI can do. This is because AI cannot have a real human conversation. It cannot truly empathise with a client or draw on its own life experience to shed light on a troubling situation for a candidate. It cannot forge real relationships with people based on trust, mutual respect, and common ground.

We can. And that is why human qualities will always prevail.

The benefits of AI

Whatever industry you are in, building AI into your business can definitely make it more capable. Putting it simply, AI technology can free up time and resources by taking care of the simple tasks, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

For us, this means we can spend more time:

  • Attracting and engaging with talented candidates
  • Helping candidates identify and reach their career goals
  • Working with our clients to solve challenges and offer new perspectives
  • Consulting with our client through specific industry experience and knowledge

It is important that we can focus on being able to provide the most value to the clients and candidates we work with. By using technology to automate simple tasks, and empowering our consultants to develop human, consultative relationships, we can have the best of both worlds.

Into the future

If the past couple of decades have shown us anything, it’s that tech is not going to stop evolving. AI is not either, so we can choose to ignore it or we can leverage its capabilities for our benefit.

Part of being innovative is continuously looking for new ways to do things that lead to a greater customer experience. And whether you’re in recruitment or not, integrating tech into your processes so that you can spend more time being creative, finding solutions for your clients, and building relationships is a clear road to improving customer experience.

There is no fear in it for us. We know the value in what we do, and it can’t be replicated by an algorithm. But AI can certainly give us more time to do the rest.