Workplace Riding Culture Perfect Fit for Prizewinner!

Workplace Riding Culture Perfect Fit for Prizewinner! Jonathon Coe Synergy Australia wins Trek Domaine SL-5 CPA Congress Canberra

After last years’ CPA Australia Congress in Canberra, we had the pleasure of drawing a winner from our annual business card draw.

The prize? A Domaine SL-5 from Trek Bicycle.

We were very excited to announce that the winner was Jonathan Coe, a Senior Manager from Synergy, and from all reports, the bike could not have gone to a better person!

Turns out, Jonathon, who only picked up the bike on Christmas Eve, has already tested the bikes functionality and durability with a few hundred kilometres of riding! Another fantastic thing about Jonathon being our lucky winner is that it turns out he’s not the only one at Synergy who enjoys a ride – they have built a culture around it.

A long-term H1 client, Synergy is an exceptionally fast growing and dynamic accounting and consultancy firm where bike-mania runs rampant throughout their organisation.

They challenge each other by tracking each team members ride times to see who can make the fastest trip from home into the office. They participate in team rides such as the Mont 24-hour mountain bike race. They even have a dedicated bike closet.

You don’t see that every day!

It’s wonderful to see an organisation which promotes an active lifestyle, healthy competition and a great culture.

Every year for the CPA Congress, we partner with Trek Canberra to bring one of these fantastic prizes to the event. It is always a massive highlight for attendees and we receive hundreds of people to our stall who come to check the bike out and enter to win. It is always wonderful to see such a huge amount of bike enthusiasts in the accounting community. We’d like to thank Trek for their continued support and the sponsorship they provide for other events, both on-road and off-road within the Canberra community.

Congratulations again to Jon! We hope the Domaine helps you beat the rest of the team to the office!