3 Essential Tips for Healthy Eating at Work!

3 Essential Tips for Healthy Eating at Work with Accredited Practising Dietitian Nutritionist Lisa Donaldson HorizonOne Recruitment

We all know the feeling. As soon as Canberra started to get cold, you turned to the warm comforts of a high carbohydrate diet to get through the harsh Winter.  But now Spring has sprung and Canberra is finally starting to heat up, it’s time to pull out the shorts, and the swimwear. A terrifying thought if you, like most, are carrying an extra layer of “warmth” around your mid-section!

At HorizonOne, we are certainly not immune to the effects of winter or to the comfort of a nice block of chocolate or a pack of salt & vinegar chips.  We therefore called in accredited Nutritionist Lisa Donaldson to give us her top 3 tips on how to make healthy choices whilst at work.

#1: Be organised & pack your lunch in advance

It’s always a great idea to be organised, especially when it comes to food preparation. Lisa reminded us of the harsh truth that if we start out the day unorganised and forget to have a nutritious breakfast or pack food for the day, we are more likely to take a fast, unhealthy option later in the day. We all do it and it is ok to grab a quick burger from the local pub every now and then. Just remember to follow one of Lisa’s best pieces of advice, “make sure that if you do eat something that isn’t the best for you, don’t write off the whole day by continuing to make bad food choices. One afternoon muffin is not an excuse for an evening binge!”

When it comes to meals, Lisa recommends the “Plate Model” approach.

  1. Half a plate of “plant food”
  2. 1/5 of carbs
  3. A palm sized serve of protein
  4. Some healthy fats.

By being organised and planning out your daily meals, you are setting yourself up to be able to make much healthier food choices. When you have your meals ready to go for lunchtime, you’ll also more than likely have more time to get away from your desk. Use the time to take a walk around the block and utilise the chance to add some fresh air and exercise to your day!

#2 Choose healthy snacks

Following on from Tip #1, Lisa said that being organised by having healthy snacks close to hand will also help you make healthy choices throughout the day. She recommends snacks that are high in protein. Protein can help with recovery after a workout, with high protein snacks also proven to make you feel fuller for longer. An example being that if you eat an apple, you will feel the need to eat again pretty quickly. But if you add some protein to the snack by eating the apple with some cottage cheese and a little pinch of cinnamon, you will feel fuller for a much longer amount of time and also have a tasty snack! She also recommends nuts or yogurt as healthy, protein filled snacks.

#3. Stick together as a team!

At HorizonOne we are very lucky to have an active and social team. Our Culture Club regularly organises fun outings for us as well as morning teas & lunches here in the office. Whilst tempting, we try hard to not always gravitate towards pizza lunches or sugar filled cakes. Our company culture really teaches us the value of looking after our mental and physical health and as a team we try to support each other to make healthy food choices.

But Lisa reminds us healthy food doesn’t have to be boring! If you are lucky enough to have a few skilled bakers (or those just willing to give it a try!) then there are heaps of delicious ways to enjoy a team morning tea without feeling guilty! Some of our teams favourite Lisa approved recipes are:

Sweet potato chocolate brownies

Jenelle’s frittata muffins 

But what if I really just love chocolate??

We are definitely not saying that you should drop everything right now, burn all of the chocolate in your workplace and jump on some crazy diet plan! But by making some small, sustainable changes to your everyday food choices at work, you will find it a lot easier to maintain a healthy diet which in turn will lead to proven benefits both at work and at home.

Lisa is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist, Sports Dietitian and Educator with a keen interest in health and fitness. She truly believes that anything is possible and is here to lead the way. With a background in education and fitness, she has a large tool box of skills and strategies to help you achieve your goals… Her daily mantra is ‘make life happen’.

Lisa spent 2 years working alongside her mentor Channel 9 nutritionist Dr Joanna McMillan in Sydney who taught her the skill of presenting complex information in the simplest way. She regularly writes for magazines and websites, as well as presents to a range of audiences. Away from work Lisa but can be found chasing her toddler and climbing mountains! As a Mum, Lisa certainly understands the demands of managing a busy household.

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