How to Find Meaningful Work

Alain de Boton: how to find meaningful work

I am a big fan of Alain de Boton’s writing and more recently I have tuned in with admiration and curiosity into his project ‘The School of Life’s’ YouTube channel.

The School of Life has the ambitious goal of helping the world understand the great questions of life through simple philosophies and supporting people to develop emotional intelligence. Addressing the huge gap between education, family and publicly available information, the school of life approach could be described as a common sense revolution.

We are keen to share several of their videos over time that pertain to recruitment and decisions around your career. This video addresses an issue that the team at HorizonOne spend many hours discussing with candidates each year.

How to find meaningful work addresses what is a relatively new (chronologically speaking) ‘1st world problem’.  A new ideal has arisen, meaning many people are seeking work that delivers for them a real sense of purpose, rather than work simply being a necessity.

The modern day career crisis… my job did not make me feel whole today. What should I do?

I will leave you to get on with the video, but the answer to this new conundrum, like many, seems to be ‘know yourself’.

How to Find Meaningful Work