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Work should make your life... better.

When we're at work we tackle challenges head-on with enthusiasm and determination, and we love driving new innovation.

But we are just as passionate about our relationships, spending time with family and friends. We work hard so we can enjoy our nights off, weekends away and to afford exciting travel.

Who are we?

High performing team

We have a high performing, talented team. We are hardworking, innovative, and constantly seeking better ways to deliver high quality outcomes. We benchmark in the top 5% of performers in RIB Report statistics.


The team that plays together, stays together. Whilst we work hard, there is plenty of time for balance and there is nothing that a social team of recruiters likes more than some fun. The Culture Club organise monthly team events such as go-karting, laser shooting, bowls, lunch (on the bosses), as well as Friday afternoon Wii competitions – with beer and wine (of course)!

Cheeky Monkeys

Recruitment can be stressful at times. You need to be a bit silly to survive, and cheeky. Whilst these aren’t founding values, observing our two Directors you might think otherwise. There is no lack of banter, and dad jokes are encouraged. If you overstep the mark, you may receive the ‘inappropriate panda’.

Bursting with ideas

Two of our core values are ‘Challenge the usual’ and ‘We don’t stop at good enough’. We engage the entire team in innovating who we are and how we work. There is the opportunity for everyone to make a lasting impact on a rapidly evolving business.

People first

The work we do is integral to people, their lives and organisations. The value of our business is built around people. It is a simple idea. Put people first, look after them, do a good job and great things will happen. In our game we call it ‘recruitment karma’.

Learning is mandatory

The goal for all our team is to be trusted advisors in their areas of expertise. Learning and development is not training sessions, not an induction process, or a course. Learning is a mindset and we invest heavily in our team’s personal development.
Some of the key features of HorizonOne’s approach to learning and development include;

  • Intensive 8 week induction program
  • Tailored skills based training in 1:1 sessions with leaders in business
  • Quarterly development goals agreed through a 90 Day plan
  • Quarterly ‘Director time’ coffees to help steer personal development
  • External training on recruitment craft and leadership through industry leaders Carman White (Sydney based plus bespoke HorizonOne sessions)
  • Web based training and seminars hand-picked from a variety of suppliers
  • Access to a wide range of training materials, readings, and tools to support your development
  • Strong support of relevant external training including financial support
  • Awards for learning excellence, recognition for results achieved.


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The HorizonOne Way

Our Directors, Simon and David, founded HorizonOne on a very clear set of values, and with the ambition to drive positive change in the recruitment industry. From the outset we have strived to build an awesome place to work.

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